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The Heritage: PNASD Newsletter 
October 2015
Newsletter Editor: LTJG Trishia Carinio, NC, USN
If you have any interesting PNASD events/activities that you would like to be included in our future newsletter issues, please send articles with pictures with “The Heritage” or “PNASD Newsletter” in the subject line to Trishia (, Marlon (, and our President, Maria Luisa (Merlie) Ramira ( Maraming Salamat!
Past Events
  • Promotion of Major Marlon Garzo Saria
    (October 2)
  • PNASD Members' Meeting
    (October 4)
  • PNASD Attended SD NAHN Scholarship Gala Event
    (October 10)
  • PNASD Future Leaders at USD
    (October 14)
  • PNASD attended UCSD Golden Gala
    (October 17)
  • PNASD Supports a Sea of Pink 
    (October 18)
  • Heritage Health and Wellness Fair
    (October 24)
Upcoming Events
Past Events

Promotion of Major Marlon Garzo Saria
Chona Lutap, PNASD Chair, Board of Directors
Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President

The San Diego weather could not have been perfect at Ingraham Plaza, Liberty Station on Friday, October 2, 2015, when the United States Air Force military officers joined by family & friends witnessed the promotion of Captain Marlon Garzo Saria to Major, and a significant milestone in his military career. The opening remark of Lt. Col. Select, Marissa Marquez showed pride in honoring a colleague whom we all admire and respect as a professional nurse and for his service to the United States Air Force. The Parade of Colors by the SDSU Air Force ROTC open the event, followed by the US National Anthem sang beautifully by Alessja Morales.
Pinning Ceremony with Major Saria’s parents

Major Saria with the US Air Force military personnel and US Navy officer

The solemn invocation of Major Kimberly Cortes was followed by the narration of
Lieutenant Colonel Doris Aceron, who presided the ceremony honoring Major Saria. She told us the story of how Major Saria became interested in signing up at the Air Force Nurse Corps. When she asked if Major Saria was willing to die for his country, he positively agreed and stated that “there was no turning back at that point.” As Major Saria is taking an Oath of Office, he is proudly reaffirming his promise to the military and to his country. The proud parents, Mario and Marilyn Saria pinned the Air Force Major insignia, on each side of his uniform.

L-R Lt. Col. Doris Aceron, Mr. Mario Saria, Major Marlon Saria, Mrs. Marilyn Saria
Preceeding the Oath of Office, Major Saria gave his remarks which began with“What is his Why” in entering the Air Force. He stated that he believed the core values of the Air Force which include integrity, service before self, and excellence on what they do.
In closing, the Air Force anthem was sung by all the Air Force men and women in attendance. Reception was held at the Corky McMillin Event Center. Each table at the reception area was named after the Air Force bases in the U.S. After the ceremony, there was a photo opportunity of all the guests with the celebrant and with the American flag as the background that represents all the military stand for, swore to, and would die for.

Major M. Saria & Dinah Didulo

Major M. Saria & PNASD President, Dr. Merlie Ramira

Jay Montenegro, Past-President of Filipino-American Community Empowerment, conferred the first toast and shared that Major Saria is one of his best friends as well as his Public Relation Officer. Following Jay, was Ms. Chona Lutap, PNASD Chair, Board of Directors and Past-President, who presented the crowd with her insight that as a young staff nurse, Marlon showed his remarkable leadership and only paled by his spiritual values. Margaret Barton Burke, President of Oncology Nursing Society, who flew from New York attended the event and talked about Marlon’s great talents including his prestigious induction to the Fellow of American Academy of Nursing (FAAN), in which the reception was held at the Philippine Consulate in Washington D.C. Lt. Col. Glynn Cascolan concluded the ceremony who spoke highly of Major Saria regarding his strong work ethics.
Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County, Inc. (PNASD) attendees included   President, Dr. Merlie Ramira, with her husband Arlin Ramira, Lourdes Deperio, Elvie Magsarili, Vickie Berbano, Dorothy Brown with her husband Bob, Linda Mascardo, Maria Camilon and husband Manny, Merly Ferrer, Cris Ramos, Lt. Col Select Marissa Marquez, Dinah Didulo, Major Amie Dejesus, and Elaine Soliven.  Members of the PNASD subchapter, PNA South Riverside County, Lt. Cor. Glynn Cascolan and wife Gina Cascolan were also present. The presence of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) National President -Elect, Mr. Dino Doliente afforded recognition to Marlon as his nursing colleague who is going above and beyond career excellence as a nurse researcher extending his self-service to this country.

PNASD members with Major Marlon Saria

L-R: Lourdes Deperio (BOD), Dr. Merlie Ramira (PNASD President, PNAA Western Region Education Chair), Chona Lutap (Chair BODs), Merly Ferrer (BOD), Dino Doliente (PNAA President-elect), Linda Mascardo (PNASD Vice-President), Elvie Magsarili (BOD), Vivian Sanderlin (PNASD President-elect), Dorothy Brown (PRO and PNASD Photographer)
Front – Vickie Berbano (BOD, PNAA EB)

Party time! The room was filled with Major Saria’s family, co-workers from UCSD, colleagues, and friends. The music roared and the dancing began with the first dance led by Marlon and his mom, Marilyn Saria. It ended appropriately as a fun and delightful evening. Thank you Major Saria for having PNASD witness and enjoy your memorable evening with lots of celebrating. PNASD is blessed and honored to have a member who is quite accomplished not only as a leader, but also an expert in research, education, clinical practice and a well-respected military officer. Thank you for your contributions to PNASD in making our organization relevant and visible to the community, and our sincere gratitude in keeping our country safe and peaceful.
We wish you great success in your future endeavors!
PNASD Members’ Meeting
On Sunday, October 4, 2015, PNASD held its quarterly meeting at Sharp Spectrum. The meeting was well-attended by Board of Directors, Officers and members. Dr. Merlie Ramira updated the members with the President’s Report. Committees report updates were presented by: Chair of BOD – Chona Lutap; PNAA EB Updates – Vickie Berbano; Treasurer’s Report – Elaine Soliven; Budget and Finance – Vivian Sanderlin; Business Development-Linda Mascardo; By-Laws-Vivian Sanderlin & Jose Samson; SOP-Merly Ferrer & Cece Echon; Community Health- Cris Ramos; Education and Research- Cece Echon & Lourdes Deperio; Marketing and Sponsorship – Vivian Sanderlin; Membership – Chona Lutap & Lorna Herce; Membership Marketing – Mollie Munn; and NOMELEC – Lisa Delacruz and Linda Mascardo, and PNASRC President Benita Valle was excused. There were also updates on PNASD Special Projects including The Heritage – Trishia Carinio; Christmas Party – Cece Echon & Chona Lutap; Balik Aklatan –Chona Lutap; Sponsor A- Nurse (International) – Merlie Ramira & Chona Lutap; Concurrency – Ludy Deperio; Student Council – Vickie Berbano & Ludy Deperio; Breast Cancer Walk – Jemimah Olivar, Derek Velasquez & Arianna Vargas.
Sarah Poblete, RDN, our guest speaker provide continuing education on topic of Intuitive Eating. She spoke about the 10 principles of Intuitive eating which include: Reject the Diet Mentality, Honor your Hunger, Make Peace with Food, Challenge the Food Police, Respect your Fullness, Discover the Satisfaction Factor, Honor your Feeling without Using your Food, Respect your Body, Exercise-Feel the Difference, and Honor your Health – Gentle Nutrition. Sarah also talked about the kinds of eaters, either being a careful, unconscious, chaotic unconscious, the refuse-not unconscious, the Waste-not unconscious, the emotional unconscious, the professional dieter, and the intuitive eater. PNASD thanked Sarah in providing the educational in-service.
Jemimah, Derek and Arianna, Southwestern College nursing students discussed the plan for the Breast Cancer Walk and the PNASD TEAM participation on October 18, 2015. The highlight of the meeting is the group picture of the PNASD members wearing hair scarf/bandana in support of cancer survivors. Tanya Plong and Candace from West Coast University sponsored the breakfast meeting.
PNASD attended SD NAHN Scholarship Gala Event
PNASD officers and members attended San Diego National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN), 17th Annual Scholarship and Fundraising Gala on Oct 10, 2015 at Hilton San Diego Airport/Harbor Island. Representing the PNASD for this event were: President, Dr. Merlie Ramira, President-elect Vivian Sanderlin, Vice -President Linda Mascardo, and Board of Director Elvie Magsarili. The evening was started with a warm welcome by the NAHN president, Mr. Robert M. Robledo followed by the entertainment series of Malayan dancers and the Hawaiian dance while delicious dinner was served.

 (L-R: Ethel Weekly, President BNA, Dale Parent, USU Director of ABSN Program, Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President, Elvie Magsarili, PNASD BOD, Vivian Sanderlin, PNASD President-elect, Michael Jackson, President, CA Board of Nursing, Erlinda Mascardo, PNASD Vice-President)
The theme of the event was Nursing's New Horizons ("Nuestro Nuevo Horizonte.") The keynote speaker Dr. G. Adriana Perez, PhD, ANP-BC, FAAN delivered an inspirational speech focused on leadership and encouraged the young generation to advance their education. The highlight of the event was honoring the nine nursing scholarship recipients.
(Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President, Robert Robledo, President SD NAHN, Dr. Adriana Perez, guest speaker, Michael Jackson, President CA Board of Nursing, Vivian Sanderlin, PNASD President-elect, Ethel Weekly, President BNA, Linda Mascardo, PNASD Vice-President)
There were approximately 150 guests including distinguished community leaders and nursing faculty from variety of nursing schools; Southwestern College, United States University, University of San Diego, Mr. Michael Jackson from the California Board of Registered Nursing, and Ether Weekly, President of SD Black Nurses Association.
The gala continued on with dancing and networking opportunities throughout the evening including group pictures. PNASD is honored to support SD NAHN, who is one of our partners in serving our culturally diverse communities during health fair events. More power to SD NAHN and congratulations to all the scholars! 
PNASD Future Leaders at USD
Cece Echon, MSN, RN

On October 14, PNASD attended the University of San Diego Open House. It was so exciting and refreshing to see a classroom full of young, energetic students enrolled in the Master’s Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) at University of San Diego Hahn School of Nursing. These MEPN students are taking Conceptual Basis of Professional Nursing class under Dr. Susan Bonnell.

These 51 students are in their first semester, pre-licensure RN students who will be earning a master’s degree in nursing. They are very new to nursing, and are excited to hear about the professional organizations available to them. There were 10 nurse leaders representing the organizations of nursing to include: emergency nurses, perioperative, public health, school nurses, California student nurses, psychiatric nurses, orthopedic nurses, critical care nurses, pediatric nurses and the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County, Inc. (PNASD) represented by Ms. Cece Echon, PNASD Board of Director and Past-President. Students were also given a glimpse of what it is to be a research nurse prior to the presentation. It was a day well spent and so proud to represent PNASD. Each student was given a copy of the beautiful, colored membership application and mentioned to the class that PNASD has evolved and after 41 years opened its door to ALL nurses regardless of race, color, and ethnicity. PNASD is now an inclusive organization!  

Four students came after the presentations and quite interested in joining PNASD. One for sure applied on the spot. Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNASD President, and a USD alumni would like to thank Dr. Bonnell and the Hahn School of Nursing for giving PNASD the opportunity to speak to the MEPN students.

PNASD attended UCSD Golden Gala
Elvie Magsarili
PNASD members attended the UCSD Golden Gala which was held on October 17, 2015 at the Grand Hyatt San Diego. The event was to celebrate UCSD's 30th Anniversary. Over 2000 guests dressed in the 30's garb walked into a Las Vegas Casino style atmosphere. The Gala Program 
opens with a welcome address by Debbie Wightman, Chair Interim CEO Patty Mavsent, and was followed by a Video Salute presentation. The professional entertainers and dance performances were excellent. The Casino opened while the guests danced to a live music. Those who attended were Tessie and Manny Porciuncula, Vivian Sanderlin, Elvie and Resty Magsarili and several PNASD members who work at UCSD.
PNASD Supports a Sea of Pink
By: Vivian Sanderlin, PNASD President-elect
Most of us are aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer’s annual 5K walk was held Sunday, Oct 18, 2015 at Balboa Park in San Diego, California.  More than 6,000 people mostly dressed in their pink garb, wearing costumes as angels or Superheroes, in their pink tutu’s and pink outfits laced up their walking shoes for this event.  Dogs were allowed to wear pink outfit/bandanas and walked alongside with their owners.
(PNASD Team Leaders- Jemimah Olivar & Derek Velasquez)

 (PNASD Members, family and friends)

The Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego (PNASD) members with team leaders Derek Velasquez and Jemimah Olivar met at the park at 7AM for registration and distribution of pink shirts.  Among PNASD members present were:  President Dr. Merlie Ramira, Vivian Sanderlin, Rolly and Cece Echon, Tessie Porciuncula, Ludy Deperio, Helen Schmied, Trishia Carinio, Merly Ferrer and her grand children Lucas and Alyssia, Jessie Delmundo, Dinnah Didulo, Amie de Jesus, Rosemarie Ferrer and her family, Sandra Cid, Gina Cascolan with her children Krysta, Kyra, and Kacey, Grace Ramirez, Rollie and Millie Mamaril, Lynette Bautista, Norie Gabriel, Arianna Vargas, Daisy Lopez, Christie Eser, Amie Boulanger, Quintin Mabanta, Jr and his wife Patty, Luz Jones and son Jaiber. This walk raised over a thousand dollars for PNASD’s efforts toward reduction of breast cancer to which PNASD received a Blue ribbon and the organization has been announced in the program. The largest donation was given by PNASD member Fe de los Reyes who gave $500. 

(PNASD officers & members, all smiles and ready to go)
Nearly everyone has a story to tell regarding the loss of someone to breast cancer, I take particular interest in this walk because my niece died of breast cancer twelve years ago and presently, a dear friend of mine is in the final stages of her struggle with this disease. Investing in breast cancer research helps understand, prevent and find ways to fight this disease at an early stage when it is most treatable. 
(PNASD Members –selfie moments)
(PNASD Members and friends)

(PNASD GenX Members, nursing students from Southwestern College – Derek Velasquez, Jemimah Olivar, Grace Ramirez and daughter, Arianna Vargas, Pauline Orbeta, Monica Palanca)
The 5K route began at 8 am beneath a huge pink arch on the approach to Cabrillo Bridge overpass. Through El Prado and past the Organ Pavilion, we turned left at Presidents Way and south on Park Boulevard. The route then turned right on Highway 163 North and exited on Robinson Avenue where it turned left onto 6th avenue and reentered the park through Balboa Park Drive toward the finish line.  PNASD sign banners were held by Mr. Rolly Echon, Lucas (grandson of Merly Ferrer), Trishia Carinio and other members. There were lots of photo opportunities along the way; one group photo was taken at the Robinson Avenue exit sign when we all climbed up a little hill on top of ice plants. We began in high spirits with much laughing and talking…as the route went on, the efforts began to take their toll.  The talk became complaints of knee pain, foot pain and general weariness.  We all labored through because it was WORTH the effort. 
PNASD members, almost there)

(PNASD won blue ribbon, with Susan from Channel 7)
 I want to thank the team leaders, all the PNASD members and friends for helping make a difference while we made strides wearing pink and walking our hearts out at this event. We thank the people who made cash donations on behalf of our organization but even more important than raising money was creating a sense of PNASD spirit and pride.  I really do think everyone stands a little taller and feels a little better that we can come together and participate in an event like this.  It is an amazing organization and community to be a part of. Thank you.
Heritage Health and Wellness Fair
Katrina Rodriguez
On Saturday, October 24th, 2015, I had the opportunity to meet with PNASD members and participate in my first volunteer event at the Salo-Salo community street fair in National City. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as it was my first time volunteering with this organization. Hours before the event, I met with Vivian Sanderlin, President Elect of PNASD.  Her warm welcome immediately put me at ease and her passion for the organization resonated with me as she discussed PNASD’s involvement in the community. She introduced me to the organizers of the event and together, along with the help of Susan de los Santos and other representatives, we set up our table and tents. After set up, we talked to members of the community, including a homeless gentleman who simply wanted someone to chat with and a lovely woman named Janice Martinelli who is the Proprietor of Heritage Museum. During the event, I was able to help perform blood pressure checks and educate patients about preventive health care. I had the chance to work with PNASD Secretary Crisabel Ramos, whose dedication to the community was impressive, as well as other volunteers. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and I am grateful for having the opportunity to meet other nurses who have dedicated their lives to helping others. I am inspired to become more involved in my community and look forward to the next PNASD event.
Blood Pressure Check at the Heritage Health and Wellness Fair

Vivian Sanderlin, Janice Martinelli, Katrina Rodriguez, & Crisabel Ramos

(L-R) PNASD President-Elect Vivian Sanderlin, Janice Martinelli (Proprietor of Heritage Museum), Susan de los Santos of The Filipino Press, PNASD Secretary-Crisabel Ramos, and PNASD Member-Katrina Rodriguez
Upcoming Events

Hello Current Members of PNASD, we are issuing you a challenge!

This year of 2015, the PNASD is striving to gain at least 50 new members into the PNASD before the end of this year.  

We are working toward our Association’s transition into a 503c tax status for our San Diego Chapter.   The PNASD accepts members who are of any race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, disability, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status. 

We are strongly encouraging each of you to reach out to a minimum of TWO:

Co-workers   -   Colleagues   -   Nursing students   -   Retired nurses
  • Both non-Filipino and Filipino nurses 
  • LVN – ADN  – BSN – MSN – Ph.D. – DNP status
  • Any field of nursing practice
  • Anywhere in San Diego County
Provide them a hard copy membership form or this PNASD website link and encourage them to join.

We want to see an increased number of members and for all members to volunteer, attend business meetings, join committees, and attend our functions throughout the year.

Please keep track of what nurses you refer.  A special treat will be given to the current PNASD member who recruits the most new members!

Thank you to everyone,

Mollie Nunn, RN                       Merlie Ramira, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CEN
PNASD member                       PNASD President 2014-2016, 

Thank You to Our Bronze Corporate Sponsors!

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