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The Heritage: PNASD Newsletter 
Fall 2016
Newsletter Editor: Ariane Lovelle M. Luzano, RN
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Featured Articles
  • Thank you Dr. Merlie Ramira and Trisha Carinio
PNASD Awards and Congratulation Corner
  • Bryan Estepa
  • Brenda Miguel
  • Jemimah Olivar
  • Zayra Quintero
  • Ariana Vargas
  • Ian Velez
  • Danielle Sales  
Future Events
  • Vim and Vigor Festival by Kalusugan
  • SDNAHNS Gala
  • Cancer Symposium and Health Fair of Operation Samahan
  • Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk
  • PNASD General Members Meeting
  • Consular Outreach Program for Filipinos
  • Annual National City Health and Wellness Fair
  • PNASD Christmas Party
  • January General Members Meeting
  • Tet Lunar Year Festival
Past Events
  • Transition Meeting, July 3rd
  • First General and Business Members Meeting, July17th
  • PNAA National Convention, July 20th-24th
  • Back to School Kick off, August 6th
  • Making Strides Kick off, August 17th
  • Picnic at Vacation Isle, August 21st
  • CA Nurse Practitioners Collaboration, August 25th
  • Health and Wellness Encanto with SDBNA, August 27th
  • Fall Education Seminar, September 24th
Featured Articles


Our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Merlie Ramira and Trisha Carinio for the past two years in providing us news and information to share to our members and the community of San Diego through PNASD Bulletin, The Heritage. Sincere thanks to Dr. Merlie Ramira for an excellent work as the immediate Past President of PNASD and Congratulations to her as the New Regional Vice President Western region of Philippine Nurses Association of America.

PNASD Awards and Congratulation Corner
PNASD student member scholarship recipients who have recently passed the NCLEX:
Bryan Estepa
Brenda Miguel
Jemimah Olivar
Zayra Quintero
Ariana Vargas
Ian Velez
Danielle Sales  
RN PNASD member recently hired at Sharps Healthcare ChulaVista, CA
Congratulations to All!
Past Events

PNASD Transition Meeting
July 3, 2016
By: Ariane Luzano, BSN, RN


Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego County, Inc. celebrated Fourth of July as the organization transitioned into the new set of Board of Director members and officers on July 3, 2016 at 10:00 am at Sharp Spectrum Board room. The meeting was called into order by new President, Vivian Sanderlin by honoring the American flag as everyone sang the National Anthem and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  The transfer of duties and responsibilities proceeded with the Board of Director hand over of the meeting minute templates from Chona Lutap to Lourdes DePerio. Then, immediate Past President Merlie Ramira passed on PNASD materials and equipments to new President Vivian Sanderlin. Former and new President Elect, Vivian S and Erlinda M, respectively, discussed By-Laws and SOP agenda regarding access and privacy conflicts. Then, former secretary Cris Ramos emailed the blank forms and documents to new secretary Lorna Herce. New historian Elvie M received PNASD awards and plaques from former historian Vicky B.

As an interim, the Community Events committee discussed upcoming July 4th celebration at Mira Mesa, First Aid volunteer opportunities, and various community service events.

The transition resumed with former Press Relations Officer Dorothy B to new officer Jose Samson who discussed the importance of social media related to the utilization of Instagram and Facebook. Then, former Auditor Lorna Herce introduced new auditor Cris Ramos in her new responsibilities. New and former treasurers Elaine S and Fe Delos Reyes, respectively, scheduled they auditor and treasurers meeting to be announced at a later date.

Furthermore, membership committee members were assigned: Jose S and Ariane L. in Member Retention, Ludy Calimlim in Chair, Cece E in New Membership, and Britney and Olivia Mayo in Student Retention. Back to finances, the new administration will follow-up on credit card accounts since PNASD is now recognized as a 501c 3 charitable organization. A discussion on possible P.O. Box relocation was held and resolved. PO Box will remain in its current location. Lastly, new President Vivian S reported that she mailed out PNASD Thank you letters and souvenir programs to corporate sponsors. Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am

PNASD First General Business Meeting of New Officers and BODs 2016-2018

July 17, 2016

Sharps Spectrum, San Diego, CA


The first General Membership meeting was conducted last July 17, 2016 at Sharps Spectrum, San Diego, CA. The newly inducted President Vivian Sanderlin presided the meeting with the presence of 8 Board of Directors, 9 officers and 13 members. A presentation about Social Media Advocacy and Medical Mission to the Philippines was presented by guest Speaker, Ms. Kristi Wesphaln. She talked about how to be mindful, be strategic, respect others when using Social Media and to Google self to know what is there about you in the internet. She also showed Power Point presentation about their recent trip helping the underprivileged people of the Philippines. Her speech was followed by a short talk of North Central Western (NCW) Nurse Staffing agency who was the breakfast sponsor of the day. It was followed by introduction of all New BODs and Officers by the President and each member present at the meeting were given time to introduced themselves to the group.

The meeting went on smoothly with reports from the President, PNAA Executive Board, Treasurer, and all the Committee Chairs. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am. There was enough time spent networking after the meeting.

Left  to right: Guest Speaker Kristi Westphalen, President Vivian Sanderlin, Jose Samson, and BOD Chair Ludy DePerio

Philippine Nurses Association of America  

37th Annual National Convention

Washington, Washington DC

July 20-24, 2016

By: Vivian D. Sanderlin, BSN, RN, PHN


     The Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) celebrated its 37th Annual National Convention on July 20-24, 2016 held at Grand Hyatt, Washington in Metropolitan DC. The theme of the event was “Lead, Empower, and Transform: Leading the Way to Innovation Excellence through H.E.A.L.T.H. (Health, Empowerment, Advancement, Leadership, Transformation, and Healing)”. The Convention aimed to inspire members to join other organizations, in leading change and advancing health for the Future of Nursing. For 37 years, the PNAA has been involved in serving the interest of Filipino-American nurses in the United States and throughout the world through advocacy, healthcare outreach, and partnership with professional and civic organizations, leadership development, continuing education, research and volunteerism. These are some remarkable achievements that we can all be proud of in advancing health for all citizens and enhancing nursing’s contribution to the society.

PNASD attendees to this event were Board of Directors Dr. Merlie Ramira, Vickie Berbano, Chona Lutap, President Vivian Sanderlin, Officers Lorna Herce, Emeline Yabut, members Filipinas Reyes, Ycel Delacruz and Merlyn Foronda, PNA South Riverside County President Gigi Narisma and President-Elect Gina Cascolan and member, Benita Valle.

Wednesday, July 20th: The afternoon meeting involved Circle of Presidents and Regional meetings by Eastern, Western, North Central and South Central regions followed by A Welcome night. There were a lot of greeting exchanges from all chapter members throughout the night at a Chinese restaurant where the Metropolitan DC hosted us for a sumptuous Chinese Lauriat.

Thursday, July 21st:  Event registration started early at 0700 to which bagel with cream cheese and toasts were served for breakfast at the conference hall. There were Exhibitors that have already set -up that morning and everyone had a chance to look around. I was able to talk to some donors willing to participate at PNASD’s Fall Seminar for September in San Diego and business cards were exchanged. In a separate room, evidence-based practice Abstracts were presented by individuals, mostly summaries of their research projects.

PNAA President Address by Atty. Leticia Hermosa started the morning Leadership program followed by a welcome by Chair, Dr. Rey Rivera. The leadership program offers innovative ideas to equip one as a leader focusing on transformational leader and how to be an effective communicator.  After lunch, some members went for a tour to the National Institutes of Health at Bethesda, Maryland. PNASD member and one of the Evidence Abstract Poster Presenters, Ms. Merlyn Foronda participated in the tour and has a separate write-up with pictures. The Networking night commenced with its theme “Philippine Cultural Heritage Thru Fashion” in the evening.  A Parade of Banners by Chapter Presidents and President-Elects were introduced as they paraded to the hall. The highlight of the Networking night was the presentation by each region of their Philippine dance to which the Western region presented a dance in their native Philippine Barong Tagalog or “saya” attire. There was no competition this time among the regions unlike in the past, but I admired the Singkil dance performed by the Eastern region.    

 Friday, July 22nd: On the Education Day, there were several speakers that talked about the Future of Nursing, Transforming Healthcare, Leaders in Nursing Research, Magnet Recognition, Multiple Myeloma Role of Nurses, Leadership Fellows Program and Open Educational Resources for Nurses Around The World. It described how nurses are leading and transforming healthcare, the art of healing, importance of magnet program, research and education resources for nurses.  The conference ended with the recognition of the first time attendees and submitting our evaluation forms. It provided 4 contact hours. The afternoon was spent by some members who signed up for Potomac River Cruise. I spent the afternoon gallivanting around WA DC with two other PNASD members touring the Capitol Hill and White House vicinity.

Saturday July 23rd:  The early morning designated the PNAAF Zumbathon Challenge by each region performing to their planned Zumba dance. Everyone seemed to have fun. At 9:00 am, the PNAA General Assembly meeting began with over 400 delegates present. This was the “Nuts & Bolts” of the entire Convention. Each committee presented their accomplishments.  Reports were given, logistics discussed and the new President, Mr. Dino Doliente was confirmed.  A new batch of PNAA officers, Committee chairmen and members were formed. On this day, PNASD presented a bid with 2 other chapter competitors, New Jersey and Chicago for the 2018 National Convention. Dr. Merlie Ramira and Emeline Yabut presented a video as to why we should hold the 2018 National Convention in San Diego, CA. At first, San Diego tied points with New Jersey but after a recount, San Diego lost the bid by 2 points vote. It did not dampen our feelings as we know we have many chances to bid as host of future PNAA Conventions.  The Gala event was held in the evening with the theme of Ambassadors of Nations. The event was centered on recognizing Scholarship recipients and Special awards.  The evening affair showcased the glamour and elegance of PNAA and guests dining to filet mignon dinner with chocolate mousse for dessert. There was singing of Filipino songs by a group of Anglo-American group to the amazement of the crowd. Also, a portrayal by PNAMDC as the first Ladies of U.S. A. was very impressive and fun to watch. The night was highlighted with “Dancing ‘till you drop” session. The dance floor involved more networking as everyone danced to the beat of music provided by PNAMDC DJ.

Sunday July 15th:  The day started with a 9:00 AM Thanksgiving Mass with a parade of candles dedicated to Cancer survivors and non-survivors. More networking with fellow delegates and fond goodbyes were exchanged after the mass.  

PNASD thanks the PNAMDC for their effort in making this a successful event and my heartfelt gratitude to all PNASD member attendees. See you next year on a cruise ship for the 2017 National Convention in Florida.

My First Experience of Attending PNAA National Convention
Washington DC
July 21-24, 2016
By:  Merlyn Foronda, BSN, RN, MSN


     I didn’t know what to expect being a first timer at the PNAA National Convention. I just joined PNASD last year and I only knew a few people and a few of their activities. Since I’ve been attending yearly national nursing conferences related to my field, which is neonatal, I thought it was just same old ordinary conference where I am a passive listener with the exception that I will be one of the poster presenter. But this was immediately changed on the very first night of the event, the Welcome Night. I’ve met fellow PNA members from different states. I’ve even met friends from Florida whom I haven’t seen for more than 20 years! It was just fun to meet people who are excited and enthusiastic to be part of this event.

    I was chosen to participate in the National Institute of Health Research Orientation. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, my first tour to NIH and learned about some of their innovative research on biomedical and behavioral health. One of the topics discussed which I find very interesting, was about Health Disparities and Minority Health. As an American minority, I have felt that ethnic minorities and the working poor have been subject to discrimination. And it’s good to know that there are programs and clinical research being done at NIH to reduce health disparities and improve minority health. As part of the orientation, we also visited the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library and the NIH Clinical Center, the nation’s largest hospital devoted entirely to clinical research.

    Lastly, the Networking Night was really fun! Each PNA region prepared a dance, a play or a fashion show presenting our Filipino cultural heritage. I can’t help but be proud that I have been a part of this conference.     



American Cancer Society Kick off breakfast by Vickie Berbano

This is the first year that the "kick off "breakfast occurred at Paradise Cove, San Diego, CA. It was a great venue.  I started to see pink polka dots, face painting of the MSABC  logo. It was exciting to see survivors, people undergoing Chemotherapy in a jovial mood. Sam Bass opened the event with survivors speaking of their journey. The team leaders were given their tools to use to ask for donation"to find the cure".

As the team Leader for Team PNASD, with the help of Jennifer Kalker, Director of MSABC , we launched our dashboard for people to directly donate. 

Please carry the cause in your heart and click into


Come walk with PNASD friends on Sunday, October 16, 2016 at Balboa Park

ACS thanks you for your generosity!

Left to right: BOD Chona Lutap, Emeline Yabut, BOD Vivkie Berbano, President Vivian Sanderlin, BOD Ludy DePerio and Danielle Sales

Annual PNASD Family Potluck Picnic
August 21, 2016
Vacation Isle Park, San Diego, California

The annual summer PNASD Family Potluck picnic was held last August 21, 2016 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at Vacation Isle Park, San Diego, CA. It was well attended by PNASD members, their families and friends. The location was right in front of the San Diego Bay water surrounded by large shady trees and mild wind breeze, we could not ask for a more perfect weather that day.

PNASD members wore “anything pink” outfit to signify the Breast Cancer walk that PNASD will participate on next month, October 16 at Balboa Park.

The picnic area and concrete tables were cleaned up and arranged by early riser, Ms. Vivian Sanderlin, PNASD President and her husband. Ms. Lorna Herce, the picnic coordinator, brought Filipino food donated by PNASD for its members. Each attendee contributed something. There was a short program with introduction by all including introduction of recent new members.

Everyone seemed to have enjoyment during the game activities that included hat relay, apple dance, egg run and the group performed some heart exercise line dancing activity. The hour went fast as we all had fun eating, laughing, talking and networking with each other.

We would like to thank everyone that joined our picnic and we invite you to come again on August 2017.

Hat Dance Relay Game

Energetic Line Dancers

PNASD Collaboration with Other Organizations

Introduction of PNASD to California Association of Nurse Practitioners

On August 25, 2016, PNASD President Vivian Sanderlin was invited to attend a meeting with the California Association of Nurse Practitioners (CANP) at the Secret Vein Clinic in La Jolla, CA. Mr. Jose Samson, President of CANP introduced Ms. Sanderlin to his group with about 20 members present. Ms. Sanderlin talked about PNASD’s mission, goals and community activities and she invited the nurse practitioners to become members also of PNASD. It was a good day to network with organizations such as CANP.

PNASD Collaboration with the Philippine Consul General and Other Filipino Organizations

On September 10, 2016, PNASD Board of Director Merly Ferrer and President Vivian Sanderlin were invited for a Filipino gathering honoring the visit of Mr. Aurelio Cruz, Philippine Consul General for the Southern regions of U.S.A. There were numerous Filipino organizations and businesses throughout San Diego County that were present at the event dressed in native Barong Tagalog and Filipino attire. A short program was held and sumptuous Filipino food was served for lunch. PNASD representatives were able to network with the Consul and several of the organizations.

PNASD PRIDE: Community Outreach Service

Crisabel Ramos, RN, RN, BSHCM, CMCN

Chair, Community Outreach Committee

Merlie Ramira, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CEN

PNASD Board of Director

PNAA Regional Vice-President, Western Region


The members of the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego, County, Inc. (PNASD) participated with the Black Nurses Association of San Diego and the National Hispanic Nurses Association of San Diego in celebrating the 2016 Health and Wellness Expo on Saturday, August 27, 2016 from 9 am-3 pm at the Educational Cultural Complex at 4343 Ocean View Blvd., San Diego, CA. The theme of the event was about healthy mind, spirit, body, and fitness. The event comprised of different organizations providing free health screenings, health promotion activities, educational opportunities, Zumba and line dancing classes. There were several stations who provided free give a ways including backpacks for kids, face painting, games and gifts for all attendees. PNASD provided blood pressure screening and health education to the community. We served 60 clients on blood pressure screenings and health education.

PNASD officers who participated with this event including Dr. Merlie Ramira, PNAA Regional Vice President of Western Region and PNASD Board of Director, Vivian Sanderlin, PNASD President, Linda Mascardo, PNASD President-elect, Lourdes Deperio, Chair, Board of Directors, Crisabel Ramos, Chair of the PNASD Community Outreach Committee, and Ludy Calimlim, Membership Chair. Several students from Southwestern College also volunteered during this event; Anjeonette Calilung, Kathlyn Gonzales, Karen Ramirez, and Eleanor Raymundo, Several PNASD members who assisted with this community effort; Agnes Ponce, Pacita Barragan, Patty Bondoc, Jennifer Devega, and Mirra Novak. Our friends from Naval Hospital Balboa Medical center corpsmen also came in to volunteer, HM3 Kevin Moorman, HN Isabel Ramirez, HM2 Kyle Rudolph, and HM3 Jonathan Angeles. As the mantra of our president, Ms. Vivian Sanderlin, PNASD PRIDE: Community Service once again shines in the community.


First Aid Assist by PNASD at the OLMC Fiesta, August 27, 2016
by Vickie Berbano

The weather couldn't be more beautiful for the day of the fiesta. Watching the families come in with their children in tow was a site. They were looking forward for the games eagerly awaiting to "dunk" Father Ignatius to the awaiting cool water receptacle below. For 2 tickets you can do it. The children watch in glee.

The food regalia for the fund raiser did not leave anyone disappointed. Tessie Porciuncula alone sold her pastries and cake in no time. The "cookie monsters" gathered around her to satisfy their sweet tooth.The best decorated and food that satisfied the palate was headed by Carrie Manuel. The booth look like we are in the Philippines partaking of the food in the native Bahay Kubo. They wore the Philippine patadyong.

PNASD's participation as nurses of course was our first aide booth. We are lucky not to have anyone pass out after drinking beer & eating bratwurst.

The parishioners demonstrated once again their commitment to Our Lady of Mt Carmel the church atop Stoney Creek.

All had fun that was the intent and the fundraising event was successful.




PNASD Education 2016 Fall Seminar Was a Success!

Lourdes DePerio MSN RN

Last September 24, 2016, the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego, Inc (PNASD) held its Fall Education Seminar at Sharp Spectrum. It was attended by 93 registered nurses, 36 nursing students from local hospitals as well as from Orange County, Los Angeles and Inland Empire in San Diego and 9 vendors whom the audience enjoyed perusing through. The attendance was overwhelming and beyond our expectations to reach this height of participation. Through a concerted effort from Sharp Spectrum Facilities, United States University who provided the bags and signage, to Transamerica Insurance who provided the food, and loyal and committed PNASD members, we accomplished our goal to put out a great seminar.  

The theme of the seminar was “Building a Culture of Partnership to Advance Health Care”, an appropriate theme to address the current trends affecting nursing practice. Invited speakers delivered powerful messages to all nurses including students.

PNASD members with PNAOC and SDBNA

Rady’s Children PNASD members with President V. Sanderlin

Dino Doliente, President 2016-2018 of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA), delivered the keynote address and spoke on Innovative Leadership. As a nurse and a finance analyst from the Genesis Health Care, he talked about the Ten things that we all need to know about Innovative leadership: 1) Call for Innovative Leadership 2) Experiment with Innovation 3) innovation Leaders 4) Innovation Thinking Skills 5) Business Thinking vs Innovative Thinking 6) Two Components to focus, Innovative Leaders, Innovative Leaders 7) Innovative Leadership 8) Every Nurse is a Leader (Inspiring, Empowering & Transforming) 9) Leadership- Leaders Eat Last 10) Think Different about Your Career. His presentation was very well applauded by the audience. He was inspirational and truly was a great leader to look up to.

PNASD officers with Speakers Dino Doliente, PNAA President and Dr. Renee McLeod, Dean  United States University

Dr Merlie Ramira, DNP, Vice President of the Western Region of PNAA and Past President of PNASD was the second speaker on the Future of Nursing Based on the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Reports. She eloquently emphasized the IOM Report Recommendation namely:  a) Removing the Scope of Practice b) Achieving higher levels of education c) need for diversity in the nursing workforce d) collaboration, leadership & communication e) need for better data for assessing and driving progress. Several recommendations to meet each of the IOM report was mentioned and clearly explained. So what does the future hold for the profession? Dr Ramira stated “We need to build a culture for health action teamwork through a shared value, collaboration, creating a healthier and more equitable community strengthening integration of health services and systems.  Great topic to share. We’re proud to say they heard it from PNASD.

PNASD officers and student members

Dr Rosalinda Milla, Dean College of Health and Sciences, United States University spoke on Globalization: Threats and Opportunities. She defined globalization as an increase cross border flow of goods, services money, people, information, technology and culture. It encompasses economic, social,  and political aspects which has its own positive and negative effects. Globalization is a policy.

Erlinda Mascardo President-Elect and Dr. Rosalinda Milla

Dr Renee Mcleod, Director of Nursing at United States University was the next speaker. Her presentation focused on the Nursing Education Plan White Paper and its recommendations for California. She mentioned the five areas of recommendation: 1) advancing education 2) preparing nurses for the future 3) academic practice partnership 4) faculty development 5) transition to practice. Each of these recommendations included several strategies on how to meet them. Powerful information indeed.

Ms Zahra Nowbahari, Faculty from Brightwood College, presented the topic on Promoting Safety and Quality as Clients Transition Across the Continuum of Life Care Processes. She summarized the three most important tools to use such as 1) Optimistic transition to improve hospital to nursing facility transfer 2) ISBARR communication 3) Casper Report which include facility level quality measures

Lt Col Marissa Marquez US Air Force Reserve Special Medical Group presented an amazing video of the medical operations in the battle field, soldiers in action and the challenges they all face for our country. She spoke of the Pacific Angel team where she’s involved in and how their medical operations are implemented in each of the local communities in the Philippines. Her group worked side by side with local physicians, presented educational materials and held patient teaching classes for the locals. Lt Col Marquez also spoke of her extensive travels abroad to partner with other organizations.

PNASD members with speaker Lt. Colonel Marissa Marquez

Mr Richard McGurn spoke about Integrative Medicine and its Role to Achieve Optimal Health and Well Being. He preceded his presentation with a meditation with the audience, discussed different integrative therapies and modalities. He demonstrated the use of acupuncture to the amusement and squirming from the audience as the needle was poked on Dr Ramira’s hand, the acupuncture victim.

Dr. Merlie Ramira with Acupuncturist, Richard Macgurn

And the last speaker Heidi Sarmiento, an expert in intuitive nutrition, and self-defense got everyone excited and engaged. Great suggestions for choosing the right food without extreme dieting. The highlight of her presentation was the demonstration of kick boxing as a form of exercise. Several members of the audience were engaged in the exercise from kickboxing, showing some of their awkward moves of boxing to a more polished way to self-defense. What a great way to end the seminar!

PNASD once again put together a great seminar, highlighting how partnership can be achieved through working together as a TEAM. It was a success because of the concerted efforts of our President Vivian Sanderlin and the Education Committee Chairman Erlinda Mascardo. Our big thank you to all the members of the planning committee who judiciously invested their time and energy to make this occasion a great success. Your ardent contribution will never be unnoticed.

Our actions during the seminar spoke a thousand words of what is PNASD all about. As a quote to share “Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success”… Unknown.

PNASD Teamwork

Upcoming Events


8     Vim and Vigor Festival by Kalusugan   0900-4:00pm

      Venue: Waterfront Park County Bldg. Downtown San Diego


8     San Diego National Association of Hispanic Nurses Scholarship Gala 6:00-10:00pm

       Venue: Admiral Baker Clubhouse


15  Cancer Symposium and Health Fair of Operation Samahan (PNASD Participates) 9:00-4:00 pm

      Venue: OSI – 9855 Erma Road, San Diego, CA 92131

      Contact: Operation Samahan

16    Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk 6.3 miles  0630 am meet at Balboa Park

        Venue: Balboa Park, between  Park Blvd. and 6th Ave


23   PNASD General Members Meeting  8:30 – 11:30am      

     New  Membership Induction                                        Guest Speaker: Anabel Kuykendall

     Venue: Sharps Spectrum                                             Topic: Mandated Reporting of Elder Abuse,

     Contact:                                                    “Don’t Get Hooked, Prevent Financial Scams"

                                                                                                      1 CEU

29 -30  Consular Outreach Program for Filipinos  0900-5:00pm

            Venue: Operation Samahan Office, National City  CA


29     Annual National City Health and Wellness Fair  10:00am-3:00pm (Tentative Date)

          Venue: Paradise Valley Hospital



5       Annual National City Health and Wellness Fair  10:00am-3:00pm (Tentative Date)

          Venue: Paradise Valley Hospital



18       PNASD Christmas Party 11:00am-3:00 pm

          Venue: Admiral Baker


January 2017

15       PNASD General Members Meeting  8:30 – 11:30am

          New Membership Induction                                                                      Guest Speaker: TBA

          Venue: Sharps Spectrum                                                                           Topic: TBA

          Contact:                                                                                   1 CE offered

27-29 Tet Lunar Year Festival 10:00am-10:00pm (Jan 27th- 5pm-10pm)

          Venue: Qualcomm Stadium


For any questions or additional information, contact
PNAA 38th Annual National Convention
July 23-30, 2017

7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise Conference
Round-trip Port Canaveral, FL

You may call Continuing Education Inc. (CEI) at 1-800-422-0711 and ask for Tina/ Amy/ Marcus to make your $250/person or $500/cabin deposit or go online via to access the online registration .  Payments may be made in installments to be completed by April 15, 2017. Should you find advertisement of lower priced Oasis of the Seas cabins of the same category, CEI will match it. 

The cost for educational conference + Leadership Institute + gala is a total of $90 ONLY! (discounted) for PNAA members and $120 for non-members. The Welcome Night, Networking-Alumni Night, Team-building Day & General Assembly are all free. There are also free cocktails during the Welcome Reception and at the Awards Gala.

Ohio Regional Conference, April 2017
Thank You to Our Bronze Corporate Sponsors!
Maraming salamat for your support of our nursing scholars!

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