WH #168 • March 21, 2019

"It is always a challenge to fuse your creative ambitions and goals with some kind of a career."

Symmetry connotes predictability, lack of imagination, routine, boredom. How can creative, entrepreneurial people tap into the productive power of symmetry, while resisting its tendency to the mundane? Adam Ludwig shares his thoughts on vertical symmetry and how he found alignment in his life and work.

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A smart artist's guide to income taxes.

Access Ventures shares why they support their local CreativeMornings chapter.

How to figure out your next step when you feel stuck.

The three most effective ways to build trust as a leader.

Here's why many 80 year olds are probably happier than you.

Stirring images of our most precious resource: water.

How to get rich (without getting lucky).​

I'm a total fraud, and so are you.

How to grow as a solo entrepreneur.

The difference between an active and passive mindset.

How color works, according to four brilliant old diagrams. 

Why do we count other people's blessings?

The irreplaceable power of paper.

How WordPress handles deep design as an all remote team.
A global directory of creative companies and job opportunities within our universe.
PMDC, an award-winning, one-man design consultancy based out of Madison, Indiana.
Balsam & Olive is a woman-owned art studio, creating botanical artwork that evokes joy and positivity.

Mailchimp is hiring a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Atlanta.

Center for Biological Diversity is hiring a Grant Writer in Tuscon (remote friendly). 

Smart Nora is hiring an SEO Specialist to work remotely.

Ueno is hiring a freelance Senior Designer in New York.

Bluebeam, Inc. is hiring a contract-based Senior Accountant in Stockholm.

Vitamin T is hiring a contract-based PPT Presentation Designer to work remotely. is hiring a contract-based Art Director for Longreads to work remotely.

Hiring? Looking for work? You'll meet the kindest, most talented humans within the CreativeGuild, our global directory of creative companies and jobs.
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