September 24, 2020
Dip Into a Friday CreativeMornings Event 

Pick your adventure and build connection with morning people around the world. Every Friday, we now “travel” from city to city by dipping into our virtual CreativeMornings events for free! Here's where the internet is taking us...
Fort Wayne is featuring Kyle Steury, an experienced behavior analyst.
Quito is featuring Gabriela Giese, an actress and audiovisual producer. (Spanish)
Nashville is featuring M. Kelley, a creative entrepreneur, writer, and maker.
St. Louis is featuring Yvonne Osei, an artist, fashion designer, and art educator.
Istanbul is featuring Alara Adalı, writer, journalist and facilitator. (Turkish)
New Orleans is featuring Cole Williams, musician, fashionista, and radio DJ.
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(Illustration by Monica Rief.)
 Fun Stuff to Click On
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Why the internet of protest is being built on single-page websites.

Virtual photoshoots: 9 photographers on how they create innovative images.*

How time tracking can help your team thrive amid disruption.

A newly approved spiral emoji accurately depicting how we’re all feeling.

How a 96-year old painter is still painting transportive mindscapes.

MICRO DIY is an at-home initiative that lets you curate your own museum.

Universe in a Nutshell is a new app showing the range of size in the universe.

The most important Gen Z cultural trends and shifts within the last 12 months.

A virtual tapping circle event intentionally designed for BIPOC women of color.*

Portable Sessions is a live music series playing portable turntables

Why facilitation is the most valuable skill for product managers.

Substack is doing to blogs what TikTok did to Instagram.*

(*Links shared by Jon Feinstein and Colette Ellis)
CreativeGuild Spotlight
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Language Dept. is a strategy-focused design practice moving teams and ideas forward. We love their brand communication work.
June10th Creative Services is here to be of service to others, making good design with their clients. Check out their latest infographic!
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
Small Planet is hiring a Creative Director in New York. (Full-Time)

Mailchimp is hiring Developer Relations Advocates in Vancouver, Brooklyn, and Atlanta. (Full-Time)

Humhum is looking for a Head of Social Media Marketing and Growth to work remotely. (Contract)

Vitamin T is looking for a Content Strategist in Austin. (Contract)

Art Canada Institute is looking for a Senior Web Strategic Adviser to work remotely. (Contract)
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