Issue 234 • July 9, 2020
Attribution is gratitude. Giving credit where it's due is the least you can do to thank someone for creating something and allowing you to use it.
How do we change internet sharing culture? Not with shame, but through kindness, patience, and holding each other accountable. In this Own Your Content toolkit, we share the resources that can improve all aspects of your online presence and also how to give proper attribution and credit.
(Presented in partnership with for the Own Your Content series.)
 Fun Stuff to Click On
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How industries might change in the next five years.

An ongoing interactive artwork that lets you make a wish and send it off.*

Your first UX portfolio: a free template for creating sample projects. 

Build and monetize your website: WordPress is offering daily free webinars.

The daily object project highlights everyday objects during lockdown.*

Courier Weekly is a new podcast digging into the big issues of the moment.

Roam Research is a note-taking tool for networked thought.

An online resource with tips for disconnecting with technology.*

Register for upcoming Virtual FieldTrips to learn and do something new.

Fluently is an online text editor with a multilingual translator.

How to support junior creatives with the skills they need to grow.

Colourly curates adult coloring books that let you melt your stress away.*

100 ways in 100 days shares an idea a day on how we can rethink tech.*

A thread on how to shoot and edit darker skin tones.

*(Thanks to Wendy Dixon, Damini RathoreAnna McCallonJesslyn Guntur, and Giselle Weybrecht for sharing links with us.)
CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.

PICHA Stock specializes in royalty-free Afrocentric photography for commercial use. They're looking for contributing photographers to add to their growing library of images, illustrations, and footage.

Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.

Netflix is hiring an Asset Specialist in Madrid.

Shopify has over 40+ remote job openings around the world.

Skillshare is hiring a Senior Product Manager to work remotely in the U.S.

SDCO Partners is hiring a Web Developer and Designer in Charleston. 

Stoked is hiring a contract-based Graphic Designer in Nashville.

Bagby is hiring a contract-based Sales Retail Lead to work remotely.

Unreasonable Group is hiring a part-time Accountant in Boulder.
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