Issue 232 • June 25, 2020
Your about page copy is like a form of identity for the internet. It reflects who you are, what you stand for, and the work you do.

It’s not always easy to talk about yourself and your successes. But if you don’t, who will? In this toolkit, you'll learn how to write your About page. An About page reflects your story, values, and the work that you’re doing. It serves as a framework that you can use throughout your career as you expand your portfolio and garner more achievements.
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How to engage with life when you feel down.

Why the best hiring skill is listening and looking at someone's story.

Please don't "check in" on your Black employees. Do this instead.*

Blogger's block: Writing resources to try when you're out of ideas.

Collage Retreat gives you free digital materials to create collages.

70+ CreativeMornings virtual events are happening this week.

An open directory of Latina/Latino/Latinx designers and technologists.

Summer Soulstice is a virtual celebration of Black Music Month.*

Connect, Play, Grow are workshops that help teams transform their culture.

What is the No-Code Movement and why is it the future?

Four LGBTQ+ authors changing how we view Black Queer literature.

What to do when you start to resent one of your clients.

Listen to My Analog Journal and Soulection Sundays at home.

Striking 3D GIFs of protests, youth culture, and more.

Should product managers learn design?

(Thank you to Sharon Nyangweso and Natasha Anderson for sharing links this week.)
CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Studio Cooke John is a multi-faceted architecture firm with a strong focus on high-impact design at the scales of the residential, the urban and everything in between.
West 7th Design Studio is a design studio focused on helping small businesses reach their audiences by creating, enhancing, and strengthening their brands.
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.

The Black Sheep Agency is hiring a Digital Disruptor in Houston.

Shopify is hiring a Marketing Content Strategist to work remotely.

Place. Staffing is hiring a Digital Designer in Boston.

NuMarket is hiring a Designer to work remotely in the U.S.

SDCO Partners is hiring a Web Developer and Designer in Charleston.

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