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Rohan Anderson: Whole Larder Love

Rohan Anderson is not a foodie. He's simply obsessed with growing and cooking delicious food.
Rohan runs Whole Larder Love, what he describes as not a food blog, but a life-style blog. He speaks on how easy it is to be self-sufficient, subsisting on locally-sourced food, to improve your quality of life.

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You are what you eat.
Handed a diagnosis of stage four cancer, Ryan Hidinger was told that he had six months to live. Ryan speaks on how he has been using those six months—making food and creating good.

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Finding meaning in food.
Inspired by the desire for a better cup of coffee, Pamela Chng founded the Bettr Barista Coffee Academy, which is dedicated to empowering underprivileged women to lead better lives.

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Have two minutes to spare? In this short, Joost Bakker says that we obsess about our coffee, but we don't obsess about our food. He tells us why we should. Check it out. â†’

Around the World

Over at our Montréal event, speaker John Mike and his team created a live food painting for attendees to enjoy, aptly titled a "jacksonjohnmikepollock." See it in action. â†’
Our Oslo chapter had their first even this June and made some delicious works of art to celebrate—including a poster lettered in coffee! Check out some food-art goodness→
Watermelon eating competition at CreativeMornings/Atlanta.



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Serving up a month all about about food.

This June we dished out a global conversation around the topic of "Food" across our fifty-two chapters. It was kind of a big dill. Our London host Drew Smith selected the theme and the talented London-based illustrator Karolin Schnoor created the monthly illustration.

From exploring food consumption through art in New York to designing books with the same approach as cooking in Berlin, talks from this past month challenge perceptions of how we view food and promise to change the way you look at the next meal on your plate. Food is social, environmental, political, economical. "We need to understand that the food we eat has implications," Rohan said at our Melbourne event. "I now think about everything. It's not just about food—it's about a lifestyle."

Hungry for some creative inspiration? Ketchup with talks from this past month here. You'll relish them.

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Icebreaker of the Month

Icebreakertags started at our New York event. You can create your own using the Icebreakertag generator, or see some others on the Icebreakertags Blog here.
What is the most creative thing you've ever eaten?
"humble pie"— @knemsoff

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