WH #157 • January 4, 2019

"Courage isn't just feeling confident, courage is the ability to take action through your fears."

What would a drag queen do? Jackie Huba—a best-selling author of four books—felt stifled and uninspired, so she studied courageous people. She settled on a surprising demographic, drag queens. Jackie’s unique story provides rich insights and is guaranteed to get you to rethink your definition of courage and how to exercise it in your life.

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Photo credit: Levi Thompson

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150 essential books celebrating women in science.

How diversity in the lab made this scientist more conscious of his research, messaging, and framing.

AIGA made some predictions on what the future of work will look like in 2019.

What does photo editing look like in the age of digital?

Most psychology research focuses on a tiny fraction of humans—here's how to fix it and why it matters.

How this person redesigned Twitter to be mostly harmless.

This Japanese artist cuts intricate octopus from a single sheet of paper.

Keep your name clean: Patti Smith talks about preserving your reputation and honest mistakes versus doing things that you know is wrong. 

How to balance full-time work with creative side projects.

It's not about vegging out: how to come back from the holidays.

Shame Storm: "The idea that online shaming is a form of debate—or in any way oriented toward finding the truth—is a delusion. Dialogue is not the point."

The artist behind most of the ski maps in America.

Become a Facebook-free business.
These quotes are discovered by our Talk Watch Squad—an online community of learners and tastemakers that help us curate inspiration from talks around the world.
A global directory of creative companies and job opportunities within our universe.
beyond tellerrand hosts events and workshops around design and technology.
Jennifer Larson Designs focuses on graphic design, illustrations, and textiles for your project's needs.

Wahnsinn Design GmbH is hiring a Designer in Germany (remote friendly).

Artisan Talent is hiring a Senior Interaction Designer in Chicago.

Place. Staffing is hiring a Senior Designer / Art Director to work remotely.

Bpdstudios is hiring a Photography Representative in Salt Lake City (remote friendly).

Luminary Labs is hiring a Digital Marketing Associate in New York City.

Asana is hiring a Solutions Engineer in Sydney and 80 more positions in engineering, product, and marketing.

Hiring? Looking for work? Visit the CreativeGuild, our global directory of creative companies and jobs.
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