September 11, 2020
Why Insecurity Is Always a Thief

How can we better aim to restore broken systems? John Onwuchekwa is an entrepreneur attempting to pour a new narrative through Portrait Coffee. Listen to his engaging virtual talk to learn how the supply chain of coffee mimics larger social injustice issues of our day and why insecurity is always a thief.

(Virtual event by CreativeMornings/Atlanta.)

Use time tracking to fight for a more human internet.

It’s helpful to think about the value of our time. The folks at Harvest, the web-based invoicing and time tracking application, spoke with creative agency Ueno. Read their story to hear how they measure what matters and launch projects that help make the internet a more human place.
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Three entrepreneurs share more about staying agile during a crisis.

How the LEGO Art Director reinvented himself after losing his eyesight.

A remote wiki for educators and students on distance teaching and learning. 

Women and Color is a speaker bootcamp designed for experts working in tech.

Poolside FM, the perfect playlist for summer vibes, launched an iOS app.

Toucan lets you learn a new language while you browse the internet.

Why it’s time to replace “belonging” in the diversity and inclusion conversation.

Supercluster tells the human side of our greatest outer space stories.

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IKEA has digitalized 70 years worth of their furniture catalogs. 

The ultimate directory of the remote work tools landscape.
CreativeGuild Spotlight
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
humhum is a mission-driven platform for conscious, face-to-face dating and connection. They’re hiring a Head of Paid Social Media Marketing & Growth!
Founded by Eboné Lockett, Harvesting Humanity is an innovative and results-driven educational consulting company. Partner with Eboné.
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
FictiveKin is hiring a Product Design Lead to work remotely. (U.S.)

Taxfix is hiring a UX Researcher and VP of Product Design in Berlin.

Squarespace is hiring a Senior Marketing Manager to work remotely. (Australia)

TeamPeople is hiring a contract-based Technical Director in Bloomington.

Trade is hiring a Mid-Level Graphic Designer in New York.
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