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An Xiao Mina: Memes, The Street Art of the Social Web

From responses to the arrest of Ai Weiwei to environmental disasters in Shaghai's waterways, Chinese citizens have used  memes as a way to talk about difficult political issues and avoid censorship. Artist, designer, and writer An Xiao Mina looks at how internet culture reflects an urban street aesthetic online.

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Collaborative ecosystems.
Co-founder of Supportland and Portland Made, collaborative ecosystem proponent Katrina Scotto di Carlo speaks on the high cost of low prices and investing in the identity of our cities. 

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The urban interface.
Søren Bro Pold teaches digital aesthetics. A research leader in the realm of human and information technology, Søren covers the development of the interface for culture.

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Have 2:22 minutes to spare? In this short, Perry Fair of JWT Atlanta warns us about the shift we're making from creation to curation. Check it out. â†’

Around the World

In Prague, photographer Martin Å lechta of Everbay created a photo essay from their last event using lyrics from Pink Floyd's The Wall. See the full set. â†’
Detroit took to the streets for the first mobile CreativeMornings event, holding their event with Andy Didorosi and The Detroit Bus Company. See the photos. â†’
CreativeMornings/NewYork took place on Governors Island.
The latest Edmonton poster edition was 3D!
Logo24 provides the Dublin chapter with posters each month, this one by Grace Enemaku.
Our Pittsburgh event took place in a super sweet venue.



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Be a tourist in your own city. And a few others around the world.

We had a pretty out of this world July orbiting around the topic of "Space." Bringing it back down to Earth, this past month we tackled "Urbanism" across our sixty chapters. The theme was chosen by our Stockholm organizer Richard Feigin and our monthly illustration was created by skilled Swedish illustrator Marcus Gunnar Pettersson.

This theme month has been one of my favorites—digging into different types of urban sprawl from physical cities to digital infrastructures. In Oslo, An Xiao Mina's talk paints memes as the street art of the internet, opening our eyes to new kinds of political resistance. Jessica Jungbauer shares her project "Best Wishes from Berlin," which sees cities as places of liberation, featuring stories of their inhabitants. 

In Portland, Katrina Scotto di Carlo asks "How much are we willing to pay for convenience and low price when the currency in that exchange is our identity as a city?" The identity of the city was a recurring motif throughout many talks this month, and they'll make you take a second look at the city you call home. 

Get down(town) with some talks from this past month here and, when you're done, go get lost in your own city and get to know it a bit better.

Waving from New York, 

Chief Content Officer

Icebreaker of the Month

Icebreakertags started at our New York event. You can create your own using the Icebreakertag generator, or see some others on the Icebreakertags Blog here.
In Montréal, we can...
"collaborate"— @waizwomann


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