October 2, 2020
Creating a Brand for Social Inclusion

Do we need to talk or can art tell our stories to others? Remo is a designer brand of an autistic young artist Remzi. Tayfun Yilmaz, his brother, shares how he launched a brand for Remzi to introduce his art and how the brand became his access to the outside world. Through different projects, Remzi touched on the lives of other persons with autism, collaborated with autistic talents, inspired families that their autistic siblings are not abnormal but different.
(Virtual event hosted and produced by CreativeMornings/Oslo.) 

A Love Letter to Email

Have you ever received an email that changed the course of your life? Listen to this love letter to email and hear from David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried, as well as other artists, writers, and founders about the emails that changed their lives.

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How to prioritize the things you spend your energy on.

10 ways to widen your career perspective with adjacent skills.

Waste Not is an open-source database of sustainable suppliers.

3 powerful ways moderators can reset a gathering by interrupting it.

Somewhere Good is a new social platform centering POC voices.

A guide for community builders creating impactful organizations.

On democratizing design and adding diversity to the design industry.*

A free invoice template that you can use and edit in Google Docs.

Try midday creative interventions to boost your energy and flow.*

Make Good Together empowers people to speak-up for safe action.

Lokokitchen bakes geometric pies of all shapes and colors. 

The red-flag signs of burning out while working from home.

A budget-friendly, lightweight way to sell digital products.

In the age of the algorithm, are subcultures still possible?

(Thank you to Kate Hughes and Somewhere Good for links this week.)
CreativeGuild Spotlight
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Lift Interactive is a full service digital creative agency specializing in new brand launches. Based in Edmonton, their team can take your idea and make it into something real
Kristiina Almy Art and Design provides graphic design services for small to mid size companies as well as fine art and illustration commissions. We love their number designs for 36 Days of Type!
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
Wistia is hiring a Customer Champion in Cambridge.

Skillshare is hiring a Lead Product Manager to work remotely. (Anywhere)

Art Processors is hiring a People and Culture Coordinator in Melbourne.

Language Dept. is hiring an Enterprise UX Designer to work remotely. (U.S.)

Industry Print Shop is hiring a Lead Screen Printer in Austin.

Asana is hiring a Product Manager in Vancouver.
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