Issue 175  💌 May 9, 2019
How to write your about page

Your about page is like a form of identity for the internet. It’s not always easy to talk about yourself and it certainly feels awkward to highlight your successes. But if you don’t, who will?

In this week's Own Your Content Toolkit, we’ll help you craft a clear and concise about page that reflects your story, values, and the work that you’re doing. It will be a framework that you can use throughout your career as you expand your portfolio and garner more achievements.

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A global directory of creative companies and job opportunities.
Hepburn Creative helps organizations worldwide harness the power of story to clarify their message, make more money, and expand their impact. Watch Art is Magic 
Oracle serves more than 420,000 customers in more than 145 countries. They provide a complete technology stack both in the cloud and in the data center. Oracle is hiring designers and developers 
Netflix is hiring a Manager for Marketing Planning & Analysis in Mexico City.

Skillshare is hiring a Web Product Manager in New York. is hiring a Head of Data Analytics to work remotely.

The Charlotte Symphony is hiring a Vice President of External Affairs in Charlotte.

Giffords is hiring a Brand Designer and Design Director in Washington D.C.

Aquent is looking for a Display Account Manager in London.

Bluebeam is hiring a Technical Support Specialist in Chicago.

WeWork is hiring a Fullstack Engineer in Tel Aviv.

Zocdoc is hiring an Integration Support Associate in Phoenix.

Smart Nora is hiring a part-time Copywriter in Toronto.

Vitamin T is looking for a contract-based Graphic Designer in Houston. 

Need 3D animation? There are 225 individuals who are for hire.
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
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