Issue 218 • March 19th
Five Talks to Support Your Soul
When things are tough, it can be hard to focus on anything else except the simple things. It’s the simple things that keep us feeling grounded, safe, and present. While there are no one size fits all answers during times like these, it’s important to support your soul in the way that works for you. Here are five talks from our archive to carry you in whichever way you need:

Dana Tanamachi on enduring the unbearable with patience and dignity. 
Mike Monteiro on getting paid for the work that you do.
Amena Brown on dealing with creative anxiety.
James Greig on self-care for the creative soul.
Ruthie Lindsey on watching beauty spill out of brokenness. 
Fun Stuff to Keep Us Going
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Practical ways to move from chaos to calm.

An aquarium is letting their penguins go on adventures.

How an astrophysicist works remotely from the South Pole.

Use this daily timesheet or daily pie chart to keep track of your day.

Mailchimp is offering free accounts for eligible public service organizations.

How to bring people together online in a meaningfully way.

Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online. 

Resources for artists: grants, freelance resources, legal aid, and more. is directory of gift cards to support local businesses.

A collection of podcasts and poetry for uncertain times.

Work Responsibly shares resources for a balanced approach to work.*

Learn how to build your own mini exhibition at home.

Museum and gallery tours you can take on your couch.

Explore the hidden worlds of five national parks.

A kit of more stay-at-home activities.

*(Thank you to Monica Matei for a great link this week.)
CreativeGuild Spotlight
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460+ solopreneurs are for hire on the CreativeGuild. If you or your company are looking to hire some heart-forward, talented individuals take a look at the incredible humans part of our global directory. Support a freelancer. ❤️ 
Remote Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
Skillshare is hiring a Director of Acquisition Marketing to work from anywhere. is hiring a JavaScript Engineer to work from anywhere.

Nava PBC is hiring a Product Manager to work remotely in the U.S.

Danielle LaPorte is looking for an eComm Web Design Agency in Canada.

Vitamin T is looking for a contract-based Video Editor to work remotely.
CreativeMornings organizers are putting our hearts and heads together to discuss ways to stay connected with our local communities. If you’d like to sign up, San Antonio and Richmond are hosting virtual events on March 20th.
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