WH #162 • February 7, 2019

"Learn to be proud of your successes. Sometimes it can feel awkward and embarrassing but I think it’s really important that if you feel like you are doing things well, that you can say it."

Lindsay is a biannual print and online magazine celebrating different places and cultures around the world. Beth Wilkinson speaks honestly about how she self-published her own magazine, how she self-distributed it to twenty countries, and what it’s like working in an industry where honesty isn’t always the best policy.

Video by CreativeMornings/Melbourne
Photo credit: Mark Lobo

From our global partner, Mailchimp
They’ve left offices behind. They work from anywhere and everywhere. And they’re transforming the world around them.

Wi-Finders is an unscripted, original documentary series from Mailchimp that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit in creative and relatable ways. Watch the first season.

On getting the word out about your work.

Why we contradict ourselves and confound each other.

The world's "blackest black" paint is even darker and available to own.

When should brands revisit the past?

Why you should start your own unconventional art space.

The road not taken.

Caring too much about a job is unhelpful and unhealthy. 

Susan Cain on how to overcome fear and embrace creativity.

What happens when the context of your creative output changes, but the passion remains?

A lost collection of Andy Warhol's Polaroids.

Most personality quizzes are junk science, take one that isn't. 

Apply to VSCO Voices 2019: five artists will receive full support for their projects. The theme is Style.

The challenges of choosing a career.
These quotes are discovered by our Talk Watch Squad—an online community of learners and tastemakers that help us curate inspiration from talks around the world.
A global directory of creative companies and job opportunities within our universe.
Martin Gee is a freelance illustrator and senior art director at TIME.
Woolf Photography LLC is a photographer that's passionate about light.

NJI Media is hiring a Senior Graphic Designer in Alexandria, VA.

Alchemy+Aim is hiring a Website Strategist to work remotely.

Smart Nora is hiring an SEO Specialist in Toronto.

MonkeyTag is hiring an Art Director and a Senior Graphic Designer in Dallas (remote friendly).

Adobe's 99u is hiring an Editor in New York.

Paladin Studios is hiring a Senior Game Designer in the Netherlands.

Hawkins International Public Relations is hiring an Account Director in Los Angeles.

Hiring? Looking for work? You'll meet the kindest, most talented humans within the CreativeGuild, our global directory of creative companies and jobs.
Photo credit: Jordan Armstrong from CreativeMornings/Toronto
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