Issue 170 • April 4, 2019

"Step through the looking glass frequently, go romping around out there, and come back and share with us what you've found."

How do we make a daily practice of communing with our wild, untamed self? Samantha Van Der Merwe invites you to experiment with ways of surrendering control and accessing that part of yourself that lies beyond the reach of this talk. She shares four lessons we can all use to defend the creative and wild-hearted muse within each of us.

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Photo credit: Sam Reynolds

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Start making

Two types of boundaries that can help you with self care.

A short-lived 3D optical illusion added to the Louvre pyramid.

The modern trap of turning hobbies into hustles.

Life in miniature: Kath Holden creates tiny sculptures of everyday objects.

A letter to children about why we read.

Own Your Content encourages creatives to own their platform, and the future of their work. Recap Season One here. Season Two launches next week! Presented by our Global Partner

How to close the wage gap.

The stories behind four extraordinary inventions.

9 lessons for the first-time manager.

How to find new music you'll actually like.

A 201 guide for taking your newsletters to the next level.

The difference between transactions vs. experiences.

Overcome creative paralysis by recovering from perfectionism. 

A global directory of creative companies and job opportunities within our universe.
RallyRally is a Toronto-based design studio dedicated to social change. They're hiring!

Thoka Maer is an artist who is good with pencil and can make things move. Thoka makes things worth looking at. 

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Wahnsinn Design is hiring a Designer in Cologne.

Ueno is hiring a Creative Director in Reykjavik. 

Bleacher Report is hiring a Senior Content Designer in New York. 

Visceral is hiring a Business Development Lead in San Diego.

Bluebeam is hiring a Localization Coordinator in Munich.

Pro Photo Supply is hiring a Front-End Web Developer / Graphic Designer in Portland.

Enola Labs is hiring a Senior Application Engineer in Austin.

Forio Online Simulations is hiring a Lead UI/UX Designer in San Francisco.

Aquent is hiring a contract-based AR/VR Strategist in Spring, TX.

Camp Tech is hiring a part-time Workshop Manager in Toronto. 

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