Issue 212 • February 6, 2020

"Nourish what's inside of you. It will change your total quality of life.” 

What is it that makes you come alive and makes you thrive? This is the central question non-profit founders Adrienne & Emmanuel Threatt ask in this uplifting talk. Adrienne & Emmanuel spend most of their time advocating for their local homeless community through their nonprofit organization Hope Vibes Inc


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99 Problems is a new short film that takes us into the murky world of the Irish ice cream business — an unregulated industry where rival drivers will stop at nothing to protect their livelihoods in this unconventional, yet humble profession.

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Five ways to find time for blogging.

Debbie Millman challenges us to play the long game. 

The difference between output vs. outcomes.

Currant is rebuilds our relationship with food & drink, for the better.* 

10 emerging artists shaping Mexico City’s art scene.

Inscribing Cosmos is a series celebrating master calligraphists.

Why we need to cultivate a beginner mindset.* 

SPACED is an experimental site imagining space travel.

Tips for raising kids with critical digital literacy.

Psychology skews Western and affluent. Can it be fixed? 

How The Economist designs charts for Instagram.*

Focus on changing behavior not goals. 

(Thank you to Maekan community, Cierra from Mad Fish Digital, and Vicky from Currant for some fun links this week!)
CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Animalz is a full-service content marketing agency full of talented funky folks. They create unique content marketing solutions for companies investing in long-term, sustainable growth. They have 3 remote positions!

Firebelly is a socially conscious creative studio specializing in strategic design. We love their Typeforce 88:88 project! 
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
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Netflix is hiring a Content Strategy Manager in Mexico City.

Intercom is hiring a Brand Producer in San Francisco. 

Resolve Foundation is hiring an Alumni Community Officer in Hong Kong.

BlaineTurner Advertising is hiring a Senior Designer in Morgantown.

Twenty One Toys is hiring a Community Manager in Toronto.

Meatpacking BID is looking for a Graphic Designer Agency in New York.

Petit Legal is looking for a freelance Attorney-At-Law in Amsterdam.
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— Emerline

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