October 27, 2022
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November’s Theme is Truth

Truth lies at the bottom of a well, winding from its source in the icepack of distant mountains. Truth tastes pristine, uncompromised by what would be profitable or convenient. Truth causes your body to hum like a tuning fork, resonating at the same frequency as the universe around you. “When you experience an undeniable truth,” writer and social worker Jessica Dore observes, “you will beg, borrow, and steal. You will re-arrange your whole life, forsake everything, just to serve what is real.” 

And yet the truth is fiercely contested when competing narratives collide. We forge our truth in a crucible, testing its strength through heat and hammering. Instead of smashing our convictions against one another like a particle accelerator, could we sort through the messy, contradicting facts from all around us, together? Can we wade through paradox, the dark tangle of it all, and make sense of the world?

Our Buenos Aires chapter chose this month’s exploration of Truth and Sol Cotti illustrated the theme.  

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How to rekindle a friendship after years apart (psst, the author Kat Vellos is hosting a FieldTrip on connection with us next week!). 

Mailchimp made a cute video about cutting a rug.**

Lost something? Search through CD-ROM and floppy disk files from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s.*

Filmmaker and cinematographer Romeo Ortiz loves shooting psychological thrillers and horror.**

A call for submissions for art that visualizes climate change: its causes, our shared vulnerabilities; and the strength of our collective response.*

The disappearing art of maintenance could be our answer. 

How well do you know the boundaries of your neighborhood?*

This sculptor makes delightful cascading installations

How street vendors shape the sounds of Mexico City.

Bioluminescence is nature’s love light. 

A message emerges in fall foliage. 

Han Solo, but made of bread. 

*Thanks to Emily White, Allyza Lustig, and Monica Lefton for the link inspiration.
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🕳 Getting to the Bottom of the Truth
Poem made from magazine text cut-outs by Kelly Tweeddale
Kelly Tweeddale uses an exercise to help leaders and teams to craft their moment of truth — it’s called “Ransom Poetry.” Think of it as a ransom note that can clarify what is known and uncover the unknowns. Read our Truth syllabus for Kelly’s instructions to make your own ransom poetry, and more interpretations of the theme of Truth.
Animated illustration of Pinocchio from Shrek spinning records at DJ booth
DJ Jim Q is spinning tunes of Truth. These songs of honesty, confession, integrity, and fact will help inoculate you against all the lies and disinformation. Beginning with TV on the Radio’s haunting “Young Liars“ and swinging to the Eurythmics’ “Would I Lie To You,” it’s clear: the truth is not out there — it’s right here.
Portrait of Sol Cotti
Meet our illustrator for November, Sol Cotti! She is an award winning illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She likes to tell visual and fresh stories inspired by gender, women empowerment, diversity in all its ways, and everyday situations. Explore some of Sol’s favorite works.
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I made this newsletter on a glorious fall day. The breeze cast colors into the sky, glittering. 

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