November 13, 2020
Supercharge Your Creativity 
Our generous hosts and organizers produce interactive conversations, virtual coffee lines, and much more for their local creative communities:

Washington D.C. is featuring visual artist Rose Jaffe. 
Derby is featuring brand consultant and entrepreneur Steve Noss. 
Leamington Spa is featuring freelance writer Emma Hodgkinson. 
New Orleans is featuring painter and poet Cubs the Poet.

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(Illustration by Monica Rief.)

The Design Better Podcast: Season Five

For Season 5 of the Design Better Podcast, InVision has brought on guests who can share their wisdom—not only about how to build better products—but also how to navigate challenges in your career, and discover opportunities in the face of adversity. 
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A virtual choose-your-own-adventure nature break.*

How to focus on changing your behavior and not your goals.

Three experts share how to freelance like a pro on Mailchimp & Co.

An animation about the awkward moments we all have experienced. 

Use granular time tracking to make better business decisions.

10 art books that will nourish your creative soul this month.

The truth about big-picture thinkers and six common traits they share.*

An exclusive glimpse into the largest collection of magazines in the world.

A humorous podcast about anxiety and why laughter is the best medicine.* 

Beautifully crafted fonts and typography used in popular culture.*

(Thank you to Molly RahmanKate HughesChristopher Mitchell, and Jeremiah Shoaf for sharing links!)
CreativeGuild Spotlight
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Based in Johannesburg, Nicework helps leaders build brands people love. See their work!
GS&F creates integrated, consistent brand experiences. Watch their playful sizzle reel!
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
The Atlantic is hiring a Designer in Washington D.C.

UNIQ HR Partners is hiring an Accountant in Tokyo. 

Re:Coded is hiring a Director of Finance to work remotely.

GS&F is hiring a Social Media Art Director in Nashville.

Simon Sinek Inc. is hiring a contract-based Graphic Designer to work remotely.
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