December 9, 2021
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“Building community is an act of creation, and we need that to survive.”

On the one year anniversary of the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, racial justice organizer Grace Aheron puts forth a transcendent vision of community creation in the wake of devastation. Her participatory talk for CreativeMornings/Charlottesville models how protest and disruption awaken the imaginative capacity to envision a world where people feel whole. She builds irresistible communities that draw people deeper into the work of eradicating white supremacy and economic oppression. Watch Aheron’s moving talk to discover what’s waiting on the other side of destruction, if we’re brave enough to build it. 

Grace Aheron is a multi-racial queer Southerner from Roanoke, Virginia. Dubbed a “people weaver” by friends, she believes that collective liberation is for everyone. Aheron organizes with Showing Up For Racial Justice, and her main artistic engagement is with the Carnival de Resistance.
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Over the past two years, we’ve come to associate “remote experiences” with the flattening effect of video conferencing screens or chat threads. To break through the monotony, Double Take Labs created a Remote Experience Generator for Harvest's Time in this Time series. This interactive portal allows you to specify time, synchronicity, energetic commitment, and other variables to spark some new ideas for staying safely connected and active during the pandemic. Try it for yourself!

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*Thanks to Ella Saltmarshe, Leonie Wise, Alice Katter, and Aneta Pavlenko for the link inspiration.
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Channel Twelve playfully explores the intersection between living adventurously and the creative process. Their evolving series of Quests & Projects (that you can join!) inspire a more curious, connected, daring approach to both living and creating. Creative Quests 2022 sign-up is open now!
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Design for Business is a full-service consulting firm in Karachi, Pakistan, that caters to the distinctive branding, design, and communication needs of growing businesses. They strive to design solutions that are simple, effective and meaningful.
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring? Looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.

CreativeMornings (hey, that’s us!) is hiring a Partnerships Manager in New York. 

Here’s your chance to be Mailchimp’s remote Senior Manager for Partner Success.

Southwest Strategies is hiring an In-House Designer in San Diego.

Wistia is hiring a Director of Product Marketing in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Open Book Communications is looking for an Art Director in Minneapolis. 

Could you be Curve’s new Workshop Facilitator in London (remote-friendly)?  

Art Processors in hiring a Visual Designer in Australia (remote-friendly). 
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