Issue 223 • April 23rd
How to Deal With Career Anxiety in Uncertain Times

Healing with hardship is a hallmark of being human. We turned to writers, photographers, designers, and illustrator to find out how they navigate career anxiety in uncertain times. We think these insights from our thoughtful community — on what they’ve learned about feeling stuck, the comparison trap, and trusting yourself in times of uncertainty — are especially pertinent now.
(Article written by Madeleine Dore. Illustration by Minjoo Kim.) 
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Fun Stuff to Click On
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A map of creative projects and shared emotions.

Create a Time Capsule is a unique virtual FieldTrips happening on April 29th. 

Design teams! Check out these design-oriented essential resources and this free book to help your team collaborate better while working apart.

Managing 2020 is for bosses dealing with the impacts of lock downs.

A quarantined woman creates a fine art museum for her guinea pig.

COVIDGOODNEWS helps you stay safe, stay sane, and stay inside.*

Hi-Fi is a 12-week course that invites you to reconnect with yourself.

Why do video meetings might feel more “exhausting” than in-person meetings.

Illustrations and answers to hundreds of questions children ask.

Meetings with Remarkable Men is free documentary to watch until April 24th.

Our fresh batch of Virtual CreativeMornings events happening this month.

Submit your idea and apply to become a FieldTrips host.

Relax and meditate toe these free coloring pages.*

*(Thank you to Jennifer Refat, Sophie Green, and Sean Engelhardt for sharing links this week.)
CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Grizzly is a creative agency solving brand challenges at the intersection of culture and commerce. Check out their shiny agency reel.
Ben Gebo Photography believes in simplicity and expression. From portraits to architecture, we’re loving their unique and timeless work.
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild. is hiring a JavaScript Engineer to work remotely.

J.O. is hiring an Associate Creative Director in Fort Worth.

Nasdaq is hiring a Graphic Designer and Brand Studio Manager in New York.

Real Thread is hiring a Marketing Manager in Orlando. 

Netflix is hiring a Product Creative Strategy Manager in Mexico City.

White Rabbit is hiring a Graphic Designer in Auckland.
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