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June 15, 2017

Monumental Moments

In this CreativeMornings/SanFrancisco talk, Dr. Jennifer Cohen shares moments—like being woman of color and having "anti-mentors"—that inspired her work in debunking stereotypes for people of color in STEM. She is the Site Director for the Summer Math and Science Honors (SMASH) Academy at UC Berkeley.
Monotype introduces new typeface SST, “a timeless sans serif created specifically to help brands consistently extend their brand across multiple mediums and geographies”.  SST is a typeface that tackles one of the central challenges of branding – universality. Read more.

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Morning people of the week:

Jack Muldowney
Sophia Mary Mac
Markus Holm
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CreativeMornings Universe:

CreativeMornings/Tehran community photo!
Sketches are happening at CreativeMornings/Atlanta.
Pre-event prep at CreativeMornings/Raleigh.
All smiles at CreativeMornings/Bengaluru.
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The Guardian is looking for a Lead Digital Producer to help oversee their commercial projects from pre-production to execution. (Sydney)

Maven Creative is hiring a Content Producer & Social Media Manager to develop high quality and engaging social media content. (Orlando)

Net-A-Porter is looking for a French-speaking Creative Artworker to help them translate their products to life and appeal to their French audience. (London)

Camp David is looking for a part-time Front-End Dev with PhP experience to implement new designs and create better features for their site. (NYC)

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