Issue 235 • July 16, 2020
“I’m always thinking about how I can do better, instead of how I can achieve more.”
In this insightful interview, Paul Jarvis shares his wisdom on building a beloved newsletter, where his business ideas come from, and how the mindset of keeping things small and intentional enables him to continuously empower others.
Join us for a special #OwnYourContent FieldTrip featuring Paul Jarvis where we'll chat about digital privacy, being a small business owner during a global pandemic, and owning your content.
(Presented in partnership with for the Own Your Content series.)
Work Better, Live Smarter, and Be Happier.

Through the stories of diverse founders, small business owners, and entrepreneurs from around the world, Courier finds ways to inform, advise, and inspire you in whatever you do. Courier, the newest member of the Mailchimp family, has put together a mini zine exclusively for the CreativeMornings community featuring their most popular features.

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How to build a newsletter list and grow your own audience.

Identify and overcome micro-stresses that may burn you out.

Courier Workshop is a podcast about business topics to help you work better. 

WindowSwap lets you open a new window somewhere in the world.*

The Director of UX at Google talks about communicating the value of design.

A gratitude platform to directly send thanks to anyone essential to you.*

The celebrated life of writer and children’s book illustrator Ashley Bryan.

How to help your Black friends and non-Black friends today.

Turning It Around is a community-rebuilding livestream concert series

Indigenous and Native American TikTokkers are teaching and sharing culture.*

The newest issue of Offscreen is now available and fully illustrated.*

*(Thank you to Page Grossman, Jaime Schwarz, Marissa Blahnik, and Kai Brach for sharing links with us.)
CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Impromptu Lūdēns Society is an anti-academic art and culture program combining design and production to strengthen the imaginations of kids.
Blackspace is a digital maker-space supporting youth of African descent to manifest their dreams by any medium necessary. Become a supporter!
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
Design Milk is hiring a Social Media Content Manager to work remotely

University of Michigan is hiring a UX & Product Management Lead in Ann Arbor.

Stoked is hiring a contract-based Graphic Designer in Nashville.

Danielle LaPorte is hiring a part-time Copywriter to work remotely.

Understood is hiring a Summer Research Intern to work remotely.
I made this newsletter in celebration of swimming. I joyfully took my sandals off, dived right in, and let the current flow.

— Emerline Ji

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