Issue 210 • January 23, 2020

“Breathing is still movement.”

An artist and advocate, Kelsey Daniels finds purpose and power in curating space. She's facilitated workshops and conversations around self care, community care, artistic expression, and how to show up for yourself in a world that doesn’t see it for you. In this talk, Kelsey dives head-first into the theme of 'Lost' by sharing her own authentic story of navigating the unknown. 

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What makes ideas influential?

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A short film about a father and son who have the same dream.

20 trailblazing artists with major museum shows in 2020.

The studio behind the award-winning albums of Solange.

Four reasons content marketers should think like designers. 

The SB01 is the world's thinnest and first rechargeable analog synthesizer.

FutureMe lets you write a letter to your future self. 

Config is one-day conference for Figma users. Register for their livestream. 

W+K Shanghai launches film celebrating the Lunar New Year.

How to master impromptu communication

Spotify will now make a playlist for your cat

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CreativeGuild Spotlights
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SheEO is a radically redesigned ecosystem that supports, finances, and celebrates female innovators. Learn more about their mission.
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Ford Motor Company is hiring an Interaction Designer in Detroit.

Bluebeam is hiring a Technical Support Specialist in Kista.

Asana is hiring a Customer Success Manager in Sydney. 

Wistia is hiring a Video Producer in Cambridge. 

The PLAID Agency is hiring a Visual Designer in Carmel.

Fahrenheit IT is looking for a contract-based Copywriter in Richmond.

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