September 18, 2020
“Breath is life. When the stakes are high and the challenge is hard, I come to my foundation for answers — breath.” 

How can we sit with discomfort and the many layers of our emotions? In this confidence boosting talk, Circus Artist LadyBEAST performs breathtaking stunts while addressing the challenges of stress in real-time. She also talks about channeling strength and leaving behind our comfort zones.

(Virtual event by CreativeMornings/New Orleans. Recommended by Sarah Tung.) 
Going Through It season two is here! This season, Tracy Clayton talks with 14 notable Black women discussing a pivotal moment when they decided it was time to make a change. With episodes released weekly, guests include Ilhan Omar, Danielle Brooks, and more.

Listen to Season Two now!
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5 tips on how to be an effective introverted leader.

How to think about long-term strategy when you can barely see past tomorrow.

Why your team should abandon roadmaps and adopt options. 

Applications for the World’s Greatest Internship are now live and open.

QuakeLab DIY is a self-guided diversity and inclusion strategy toolkit.*

An online journey designed to regroup and recharge during this pandemic.*

3-D printed coral tiles are being used to help revitalize biodiversity.

Losing sense of time? Keep track of your days with this pie chart template.

How the Founder of Calendly went from sales to building his business.

Videos of tiny foods being prepared with tiny cooking utensils in a tiny kitchen.

How to enjoy greater focus and manage your inner triggers.*

Spill the Beans shares the stories of self starters and industry professionals. 

Need a chuckle? Check out the 2020 comedy wildlife photography finalists. 

The satisfying joy of watching old, damaged things get restored.

*(Thanks to Sharon Nyangweso, Anya Likhitha, and Defina Hoxha for sharing links.)
CreativeGuild Spotlight
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Sajory created their innovation box for teams who wish to battle complacency at work and helps intrapreneurs experiment with their playful ideas.
Mapology Guides create and publish illustrated maps that are playful and thought-provoking. Build an emotional toolkit with Mapology!
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
VSCO is hiring a Senior Product Designer in California, Illinois, or New York. 

Netflix is hiring a Marketing Creative Producer in Mexico City.

VIA Studio is hiring an Account Manager in Louisville. 

The Butler Bros is hiring a Collaboration Coordinator in Austin. 

TeamPeople is hiring a Freelance Video Content Creator in Falls Church.

Art Processors is hiring a Part-Time Senior Android Engineer in Melbourne.
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