Issue 240 • August 20, 2020
How To Start a Publishing Company in 27 Easy Steps

Does your journey feel strange and circuitous sometimes (or all the time)? You're not alone. Listen to Jelani Memory's journey as he walks us through his unlikely path to being a creative entrepreneur, what led him to create his publishing company A Kids Book About, and what it means to make something that might just change the world.
(Virtual event and video by CreativeMornings/Portland.)

Use time tracking to build trust with clients.

One of the best ways to develop trust with clients is through transparency. Harvest, a web-based invoicing and time tracking application, is a key tool for product agencies like Dovetail. Read their full story to learn how you can use time tracking to build trust in a simple and thoughtful way.
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5 key stages of the creative process.

Instead of giving feedback, let’s noodle over our ideas.

How to drum up new business when the economy isn’t great.

A library of design books written by women and people of color. 

10 reasons why you didn’t get the job (that has nothing to do with you).

Have you ever wanted to screen your emails like you screen your calls?

Applications for the Twitch Research Fellowship are opening soon.

Questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking of making a career change.

A carefully curated playlist for our global CreativeMornings theme of Stress.

Missing the office? The Sound of Colleagues lets you feel like you’re back.

An interview on how to make time for deep reflection and intention setting.

It’s Not Just a Habit is a podcast about how small habits create big changes.

The super-summer music player Poolside FM now has a desktop app.

Why your team should create a virtual meeting survival kit.

8 wellness rituals that will help refresh your productivity.

A few tips on how to prioritize your project ideas. 

How to lead a virtual team retreat.
CreativeGuild Spotlight
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Ngaio Parr leads her independent studio as a designer, art director, and illustrator. Check out Ngaio’s beautiful work.
Art Processors is an award-winning creative technology company with a reputation for enhancing visitor experiences. They’re currently hiring for 9 job openings in Australia. 
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
Mailchimp is hiring a Marketing Manager in Atlanta.

Netflix is hiring a Communications Manager in Seoul.

Zocdoc is hiring a UX Researcher in New York City.

Float is hiring a Senior Product Manager it work remotely.

VSCO is hiring a Business Intelligence Manager in Oakland.

Sparrow is hiring a part-time UI/UX Designer to work remotely.

Cozy Juicy Real is hiring a Social Media Intern to work remotely.
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