December 30, 2020
“Though 2020 tried its best, it could not break the bond we all share.” 
— CreativeMornings/Austin Team

CreativeMornings in 2020

Dear community, 

Wow, what a year it has been! It would be an understatement to say that 2020 was challenging and hard. What should’ve been a wildly impossible year for an in-person global events organization, 2020 has been a testament to what it means to have a community that is determined to go against the odds.

CreativeMornings chapters pivoted all of our monthly events online, we added a peer-to-peer learning layer known as FieldTrips, and to our surprise grew 12 chapters! Together, we learned that our community is damn resilient and committed to showing up in the name of connection.

It has been a remarkably transformative 12 months for us, and we’re so grateful to have you along for the ride. 
We are proud of our volunteers and this resilient community. It’s thanks to their commitment and strength that we are still here. Our chapters held this community together! 

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Here are a few highlights we're proud of...
CreativeMornings chapters pivoted events to go all-virtual, and we grew by 12 cities! 🌎 

When in-person events came to a halt, our hosts and organizers courageously pivoted their face-to-face events to go all-virtual. This year CreativeMornings chapters collectively hosted over 1,000 virtual events for nearly 125,000 total attendees! We've also grown by twelve chapters since the pandemic first hit.
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Virtual FieldTrips is officially born and thriving. 💡 

The pandemic turned everything on its head and we launched Virtual FieldTrips, our peer-to-peer learning experiences. Our FieldTrip hosts have rallied us around in-depth work sessions, craft making nights, ice cream socials, productivity workshops, wellness, storytelling, writing, podcasting, and much more. Since our kick-off, our FieldTrip hosts have led over 300 Virtual FieldTrips serving 160,000 eager learners!
Our partners continue to champion and support us. 🚀  

Our generous partners at all levels — global, content, and local — are our champions of creativity and help us keep the organization running. A special thank you to our Global Partners MailchimpBasecamp / HEY, and our newest member of the family Skillshare for their ongoing support. It’s thanks to their vote of confidence that we can maintain our small and mighty HQ team, run our website and ticketing, as well as tirelessly work to serve the CreativeMornings community across the board.

We’re sharing our expertise in virtual gatherings and over a decade of community building knowledge. ⚡️ 

The same way CreativeMornings set the standard for what in-person events and community could feel like, we’ve taken our learnings from running over 1,300 virtual events and built out a series of best practices to teach others the CreativeMornings way to Zoom. From content design, to engagement strategies, we helped companies break through virtual fatigue and unlock opportunities for connection.
(Illustration by Monica Rief)

We’re committed to unlearning and are continuing to learn. 🖤 

As a global, U.S.-based organization, we published an open letter to the activists, Black members, and worldwide community. We reiterated that there is power in our platform and that we have work to do. We had promised that we would work on a plan as an organization and as a team to engage in the work it takes to exist as an anti-racist organization and made three big changes.
(Illustration by Monica Rief)

Globally, we’re more connected than ever before. 🔗 

We are more globally connected than ever since CreativeMornings was born. We had 280,000+ registrants at our virtual events in 2020. We’ve even had attendees from cities that don’t even officially have CreativeMornings chapters! 

Now that the dust has settled, we are in awe of how our creative community leaders have shown up for their local communities. Through everything, our hosts, organizers, and volunteers continued to uplift the value of human connection.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

As this year comes to a close and we forge ahead, we hope you find time to relax, unwind, and find the nourishment you need. Thank you for showing up this year in whatever way you did. See you in 2021! 

— The CreativeMornings HQ Team
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