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Brad Frost: Death to Bullshit

In a world where 10% of all the books written and photos taken came into existence only in the past year, how do we get back to what is truly important and keep ourselves focused? At our Pittsburgh event, Brad speaks on information, bullsh*t, craft, and the future.

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Stop using 'creative' as a noun.
Austin Kleon, author of Newspaper Blackout and Steal Like an Artist, rang in the very first CreativeMornings/Austin, speaking on his hopes for the future of how we talk about our work and urging us to stop fetishizing creativity.

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How did the refrigerator kill the caveman?
At our Atlanta event, Perry Fair gives us a call to action. In his talk, Perry digs in to how advances in technology are stunting our creative process as we move toward a "culture of curation."

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Have two minutes to spare? Get some advice from Debbie Millman on why you should ask for it and what you should cut from your portfolio. Check it out. â†’

Around the World

The Geneva chapter team and photographer Josh Fassbind asked attendees to travel to the future and come back with an object. See what they brought back. â†’



What invention would you like to see in the next ten years?

We asked this on the CreativeMornings Blog and our followers weighed in. Here's what they said:
"I’d like to see the widespread use of digital receipts. Seriously what a waste of paper!"
- kitmacallister

"Cure for HIV and cancer."

"Roads that provide energy just by being driven on them."

"Electric flying cars."


"Flux capacitor. Definitely a flux capacitor."


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The future is... BRIGHT!

After delving into some of these talks, I think you'll agree. This April, we tackled the topic of "The Future," chosen by our San Francisco organizer, Erika Hall, and depicted by Frank Chimero in the most modern form of art, the GIF. The month was presented in partnership with the fantastic folks over at Squarespace.

In Pittsburgh, Brad Frost says we are suffering from "information overload"—a term coined in 1970. Today, we're dealing with some wicked problems, but, throughout the talks, one thing rang true: Artists and designers, engineers and programmers, people who make things, are the creators of that future and have the ability to influence it for the better.

Get a glimpse of what the future may bring by watching April's talks  here.

Waving from Providence, 

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Icebreaker of the Month

Icebreakertags started at our New York event. You can create your own using the Icebreakertag generator, or see some others on the Icebreakertags Blog here.

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