Issue 241 • August 28, 2020
“Will you allow underdog thinking to determine your next move?”

What is it that you have a deep passion for that continues to lie just under the surface of your heart? In this talk, Wanda Abney, the host of weekly radio show and podcast Full Circle, asks us meaningful questions designed to help us identify underdog thinking and empowers us to go after our deepest passions.
(Virtual event and video by CreativeMornings/Sacramento.)

Brush Up: The Principles of Product Design

Whether you’re looking to break into product design or wanting to brush up on your knowledge, InVision’s free ebook The Principles of Product Design will help you nail the fundamentals. Combined with the book, you’ll find multiple video interviews and audio clips from leading designers.

Read and download the book!
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10 solutions for weaning off or quitting addictive social media.

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CreativeGuild Spotlight
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
ARTO Group is an art, design, and digital strategy group of companies that provide high-quality products and services. We love this branding work they did for a sparkling water!
Based in Santa Fe, Joan LeMay is an artist and illustrator that focuses on gouache portraiture of pets, people, places and things. See Joan’s featured painting!
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
VSCO is hiring a Director of Product in Oakland.

Taxfix is hiring a UX Researcher in Berlin.

TeamPeople is hiring an Editor and Motion Graphics Artist in East Hanover.

The Black Sheep Agency is hiring a Chief of Staff in Houston.

Art Processors is hiring a 3D Animator in Melbourne.

Innovation Law Lab is hiring a Communications Manager in Portland.
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— Emerline Ji

Head of Brand Communications

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