Issue 204 • November 28, 2019 
"Have the willingness to wander, begin again, and let ideas simmer. Then, come back to look at it again.”

How do you feed your creative hunger? In this talk, designer and maker Sarmishta Pantham shares how she stumbled upon unexpected inspiration for the process of starting fresh — and savoring the process rather than an endpoint, with the everyday act of cooking.

(Video by CreativeMornings/Berlin. Photo by Norman Posselt.) 

The future of work is here. co-founder Matt Mullenweg is the CEO of Automattic — a company with more than 1,100 employees but no headquarters. On the Distributed podcast, he chats with business and tech leaders about the future of work, the benefits and challenges of building distributed companies, and the tools that make remote work possible. 
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The CreativeGuild
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ONOGRIT is an independent studio for creative direction and experience design. Based in Cologne, they are part of the 0.1% female-founded studios worldwide. Say hello!
Based in Paris, AYA Consulting seeks to create, support, and enhance programs and projects showcasing the talents from the African continent, the Caribbean, and the Diaspora. Tap into their network. 
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
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COLLINS is hiring a Strategy Director in New York. 

Netflix is hiring a Head of Anime in Tokyo. 

Grizzly is hiring a Brand Manager in San Diego. 

Asana is hiring a Solutions Consultant in Munich.

The STEPS Initiative is hiring an Art Agency Manager in Toronto. 

Top Shelf Design is hiring a Lead Designer to work remotely. 

WDG is hiring a Digital Content Marketer in Arlington. 

2,000+ photographers in our community are for hire!

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