January 20, 2022
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“Art is a reflection of who we are. When communities make art, everyone has a place.”

As an artist, Michael Toombs knows that when you create something that you're proud of, it gives you a feeling that words cannot describe. But he also knows that people can live their whole lives not knowing what that feels like because they’ve lacked those creative opportunities. In his talk for CreativeMornings/Kansas City, Toombs shares how his interactive art projects have brought together communities displaced by floods or fractured by distrust to paint together. Watch Michael Toombs’ breathtaking presentation and discover the transcendent capacity of art to uplift the collective.

Artist and activist Michael Toombs brings people people through interactive projects and community murals that promote diversity, unity, and non-violence. He is the founder of Storytellers Inc., an artists collective that designs and implements work with young people in urban communities in Kansas and Missouri. In 2018, Toombs organized a massive Brown v. Board of Education mural in Topeka, Kansas, commemorating the landmark Supreme Court decision to end legal segregation in the United States. The project brought 2,000 people from 34 states and 9 countries to paint together. 

Contribute to the global theme syllabus!

Our upcoming February theme is Monumental, chosen by CreativeMornings/Richmond. We’re turning it over to you to crowdsource a “monumental” syllabus.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “monumental”? Whether it’s a song, book, podcast episode, article, poem, or other digital ephemera, you can enter your submissions in this form. We’ll feature a round-up of resources in next month’s theme newsletter!

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*Thanks to Charles Schifano and Kristi Çunga for the link inspiration.
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global directory of creative companies and individuals.

Banner with text: "HELLO. We would like to help build your brand."
Stewart Associates is a Louisville-based design consultancy that’s made a global impact. Combining design that thinks with ideas that sell, they create new market opportunities.  They offer strategic consulting, brand positioning, and creative execution services.
Banner with text "unreasonable | re-purpose capitalism" and a background photo of an aerial view of a forest
Unreasonable Group in Boulder, Colorado, backs entrepreneurs positioned to bend history in the right direction. They handpick and invite the world's most impactful growth-stage companies into the Unreasonable Fellowship to help scale their efforts.
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
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Harvest is seeking a remote Data Engineer

Condé Nast has a Product Designer opening for Wired based in the U.K. 

Here’s your chance to be Mailchimp’s new Analyst for Marketing Analytics in Atlanta (remote-friendly). 

LTK is hiring a remote Senior iOS Engineer for their Consumer Platform.

The Trade Desk is looking for a Senior Video Editor in New York 

Fuseproject is hiring a Digital Experience Design Lead in San Francisco. 

Squarespace is looking for a Visual Motion Designer in Chicago for their Tock product.
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