March 12th • Issue 217

"Singing is life affirming.”

Driven by a belief in the power of communal singing, James Sills has made it his mission to bring people together through joyful musical expression. In this heartfelt talk, James shares his work, breaks down the power of communal singing, and explores how it helps us connect with ourselves and each other. 

(Video by CreativeMornings/New York. Photo by Paul Jun.)

Draw Your Day 🎨

How do you want to spend your time? Illustrate your own time pie chart in a way that reflects how you’d like to spend your time: Broad. Whimsical. Practical. Realistic. Idealistic. Zany. Detailed. You decide.

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(Shoutout to Jon Feinsten and Jonny Miller for sharing a fun link this week.)
CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Big Motive is a design and innovation studio creating digital products and services that transform brands and business. See their work!
Olive + Spark is a boutique design studio with a big heart and some good design chops. Hire them for your next project. 
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.

Mailchimp is hiring a Senior Content Strategist in Atlanta. 

Asana is hiring a Marketing Campaigns Specialist in Dublin.

MonkeyTag is hiring a Junior Account Executive in Dallas.

Skillshare is hiring a Data Engineer in Medellín.

Arcadia is hiring a Communications Manager in Washington D.C.

Netflix is hiring a Sound Technology Specialist in Tokyo.

Who Gives A Crap is hiring a Growth Marketing Design Lead in Los Angeles.

Webflow is hiring a Brand Designer to work remotely.

I made this newsletter like a stop motion video. It took patience and I went frame by frame. 

— Emerline

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