November 20, 2020

Virtual Tour: Street Art and Graffiti in Oslo

Oslo Street Art Tours are hosted by either James Finucane or Viktor Gjengaar, who together share over 25 years of experience working in the field of street art. In this virtual tour, you will learn all about the artists and the stories behind unique artworks on a journey in the heart of Oslo.

(Tour arranged by CreativeMornings/Oslo. Video by Natalia Pivkina)

#CMradical: November Playlist

Our global CreativeMornings theme for November is Radical. Every month, a member of our community DJ Jim Q assembles a playlist. Listen to the playlist for the theme of Radical to compliment your weekend. 

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CreativeGuild Spotlights
global directory of creative companies and individuals.

Life Without Plastic is on a mission is to raise awareness on plastic-free essentials for zero waste living. Check out their practical step-by-step guide to avoiding plastic.
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.
Hartas & Craig is hiring a Junior Conceptual Copywriter in Australia.

Re:Coded is hiring an Instructional Designer to work remotely. (EMEA Region)

dwell is hiring a Senior Product Designer in San Francisco.

4 Mile is hiring a Technical Delivery Manager to work remotely. (USA)

Bagby is hiring a Digital Marketing Intern to work remotely.
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