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Talks to Watch

Benjamin Tallis: Borders

Journalist, commentator, and activist Benjamin Tallis is interested in how borders connect and divide us. From iron curtains to ones of paper, Benjamin speaks on boundaries in a so-called world without boundaries, exclusive inclusions, among other dichotomies that exist to divide and subdivide our lives. 

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The outer type.
Claude G. Théorêt breaks down quantum physics and other complex topics so that even the least science-savvy folk understand. The astrophysicist speaks on the creation of our universe and limits of the unknown.

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Limitless space.
From printing larger than life resumes to get a job to hosting a viral internet talk show out of his petite apartment, Åukasz Jakóbiak shares how he has made the most of his space. 
(Polish talk with English subtitles.)

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Have 1:35 minutes to spare? In this short, Michael Tavani tells us why now is the best time in the history of the world to start something. What are you waiting for? â†’

Around the World

In Edmonton, organizer Brandon Webber and his team have created a new tradition of designing and printing quotes from the previous month's talk. See their print from last month. â†’
Our New York City Chapter had a Smilebooth outfitted with some galactic gear to capture photos of attendees at their event! See the photos. â†’
CreativeMornings/Austin kicks off each of their events with a local musician.
Some SCIENCE!! at CreativeMornings/Vancouver.



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Last month was out of this world.

After a month filling up on talks around food, this July we had a conversation around "Space" across our fifty-five chapters. It was pretty far out. Our Berlin host Jürgen Siebert selected the theme and the talented Berlin-based illustrator Jens Bonnke created our monthly illustration.

From exploring the final frontier to our own backyards, talks this month tackled topics from outer space to public space and everything in between. Space is everywhere, but it's up to us how we choose to divide and define it. "It's important to recognize, rather formal or informal, all borders are artificial," Benjamin says in his talk at Prague. "They are social constructs. This doesn't make them any less real, but it does mean that they can be contested and challenged."

Space out with talks from this past month here. You'll be over the moon.

Waving from New York, 

Chief Content Officer

Icebreaker of the Month

Icebreakertags started at our New York event. You can create your own using the Icebreakertag generator, or see some others on the Icebreakertags Blog here.
If you could travel anywhere in space and time, where/when would you go?
"that place with that person"— @wesleyverhoeve

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