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This March, we looked at the topic of "Reuse" across our 49 chapters. The theme was selected by our LA chapter host Jon Setzen and illustrated by the fantastic Roxanne Daner.

While the talks are excellent, what was even more exciting was how each chapter took on the topic
 in their own city. We tasked attendees to bring their own coffee mug, but our organizers and their teams went above and beyond to tackle reuse at local chapter events around the world. 

At our Atlanta event, attendees were asked to bring an item of used clothing to donate to the Atlanta Mission, entering them in a raffle for a gently used bike. Meanwhile, our Pittsburgh chapter collaborated with the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse to make reusable name-tag stations, and Vancouver attendees went out into the community following the talk to share coupons for a hot meal with the city's homeless. These are just a few examples of some of the awesome things our morning people did this month, and we look forward to seeing more of this in the future!

Catch all of this month's talks on reuse as they get uploaded here, and watch the best CreativeMornings talks online.

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Reuse Talk Highlights

Joost Bakker is known for his large public installations and vertical gardens, all using "the stuff that other people throw out." A fifth-generation tulip farmer, he has been experimenting with decomposing matter and creating better food for the last ten years.

The speaker at our Melbourne event, Joost speaks on creating a restaurant that produces zero waste, with delicious results.

Watch the talk.

At our New York event, Ron Gonen, the first Deputy Commissioner of Sanitation for New York City and Co-founder of Recyclebank, speaks on the economics behind running the recycling program for NYC.

Ron speaks on the financial ins and outs of recycling, and gives us the facts on what we can do to minimize our waste and work with others to create a better world.

Watch the talk.
Andy Baio speaks about the criminalization of remix culture at our Portland event—tackling the topic of reuse in terms of appropriation in art and culture.

But the law hasn't caught up with our changing values, effectively criminalizing the creativity of millions. From YouTube covers to fan-fiction sagas, it's easier than ever to violate copyright and lawyers are finding new tools to enforce infringement.

Watch the talk.
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"If we can't go without creating this stuff, let's find something to do with it."
— Joost Bakker (watch it)

"My dream is that in five, ten year's time, you can walk into any bakery in any city and get freshly milled food."
— Joost Bakker (watch it)

"We obsess about our coffee, but we don't obsess about the things that are really important—our food."
— Joost Bakker (watch it)

"If you can rip it, you can tear it, we will take it and we will sell it."
— Ron Gonen (watch it)

"If everyone in New York City would recycle their paper, we would save $50 million and reduce taxes."
— Ron Gonen (watch it)

"Remix culture is our Prohibition."
— Andy Baio (watch it)

"Like patents, we've turned copyright into a weapon."
— Andy Baio (watch it)

"If money is not changing hands, nobody should be afraid to make art that builds on another person’s work."
— Andy Baio (watch it)

"The internet has resulted in the biggest explosion of creativity in history."
— Andy Baio (watch it)

What's your favorite reuse project?

We asked this on the CreativeMornings Blog and our followers weighed in. Here's what they said:

"Old jeans and scrap leather became a new pair of ballet flats."
- gluegunsandpostitnotes

"I made jewelry with all my old stuff. Upcycling with styleee!"  
- agentorangehair

"A favourite was saving an old garden rake [into a wine glass rack holder]."
- refreshedforlife

"Old clothing in my house becomes reusable cleaning cloths. We only use paper towels for things that would ruin it (like wax). We only use one roll a year."  
- realmaco

Icebreaker (Station!) of the Month

Icebreakertags started at our New York event. You can create your own using the Icebreakertag generator, or see some others on the Icebreakertags Blog here.

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