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Seth Godin: Things We Have Backwards

At a special New York event hosted as part of the Parsons Festival, Seth Godin speaks on a few things we have backwards in the work we do versus the work we'd like to be doing. Seth's talk is full of "truth bombs" that will revolutionize how you think and get you doing the work you've always wanted to do.

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Looking backwards to move forward.
At our Cincinnati event, Chris Glass tells his own story. From designing CD-ROMs to the logo for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act with Draplin, Chris has some insights to share.

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Progressing backwards.
Ryan Hamrick talks about the journey that brought him to hand-lettering at our Pittsburgh event. In his words: "To find out where you need to start, find out where you need to end."

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Have two minutes to spare? Take a moment to listen to Bill Carney on determining your value—a throwback to February's theme all about money. Check it out. â†’

Around the World

For the ultimate backwards of all, Mig Reyes took the stage at our Chicago event, speaking at the chapter he previously organized. Hear what he has to say→

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Looking, thinking, and seeing backwards.

Last month, we hit the big 5-0 with fifty (!!) chapters around the world coming together for a global discussion on "Backwards." The topic was chosen by past Chicago host Mig Reyes and depicted by über talented Chicago-based photographer Paul Octavious for our monthly illustration.

Open to interpretation, the theme was tackled in every way imaginable—from countdown biological clocks in Portland to Arabic calligraphy in Seattle. In New York, Seth Godin gave powerful advice on how to position ourselves to do the work that we want to be doing. "Great designers don't get great clients," he told us. "It's the other way around."

Whether you're stuck in a rut or just need a creative jolt, these talks promise to reset your brain and get you thinking in new ways. Get some backwards in your life by checking out May's talks here.

Waving from New York, 

Chief Content Officer

Icebreaker of the Month

Icebreakertags started at our New York event. You can create your own using the Icebreakertag generator, or see some others on the Icebreakertags Blog here.
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