October 30, 2020
The Transformational Power of Poetry

Three poets. Three perspectives. Three voices. Garrett Bryant is a poet, artist, editor and teacher. Michael Acuña is a youth advocate, Hip Hop Artist and educator. Eleanor Perry-Smith is a poet and writer who believes it’s the poet’s job to connect this ancient art form with the world’s newest people. Listen to this conversation around the transformational power of poetry.

(Virtual event produced by CreativeMornings/Denver.)

Use time tracking to bring balance to your work week.

How can we use time tracking to bring balance back to our week? The folks at Harvest, the web-based invoicing and time tracking application, spoke with digital agency Zehner. Read their story to hear how they know when to bring their project back on track and lessen their workload.
(From our Content Partner Harvest)
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Tips for photographers to learn how to capture the beauty of every skin tone.

A free workbook that helps you embrace the gifts of conflict for social change.

Email’s a treasure, it deserves better. Read HEY’s manifesto to better email. 

Career myths: Why success doesn't have to come hand in hand with burnout.

Bringing leisure back: Whiled creates products designed for downtime.

Made In the Future is a design fellowship for underrepresented talent.

In Depth is a new podcast that goes deeper on the advice startup leaders need.

What's new and what's good? Thingtesting lists and reviews new brands.

A digital group photo showcase around the theme of Portraits as Empathy.

How to navigate going from in-office to all-remote jobs.

CreativeGuild Spotlight
global directory of creative companies and individuals.
Fractal Hardware is an innovative product development firm. They take products from concept to prototype to manufacturing. See how they reimagined inhalers.
Gavart Productions a creative production company that specializes in film and photo production. See the work that they’re proud of and their favorite selected projects.
Cool Jobs in Our Universe
Hiring or looking for work? Check out the CreativeGuild.

Art Processors is hiring a Product Designer in Melbourne. (Full-Time)

Maximus is hiring an Audio & Visual Content Producer in Santa Monica. (Full-Time)

Wistia is hiring a Senior Software Engineer to work remotely. (Full-Time)

Sketch Effect is hiring a Business Development Coordinator in Atlanta. (Full-Time)

Moog Music is hiring a Graphic Designer in Asheville. (Full-Time)

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