Issue 230 • June 11, 2020
"I see bigger demand for more authentic, well-researched, and high quality content that can build the readers’ recognition and trust in your publication."

Developing yourself is a consistent practice, an active posture of being self-aware of your habits and consciously working towards replacing them with better ones. In this interview, Kathryn Finney, author, speaker, and founder of digitalundivided talks about the importance of making personal growth a habit and the state of Black women in the tech entrepreneurship space.
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Monique Renée Design Studio creates full-range marketing materials for higher education and nonprofit organizations. We love this recent campaign Monique created!
Based in London, Asher Writes solves business problems with words. Copywriter Asher works with different organizations to create a diverse range of content that serves their audiences. See Asher’s latest work!
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Netflix is hiring a Partner Marketing Creative Manager in Seoul.

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SDCO Partners is hiring a Web Developer in Charleston.

Resistance Communications is hiring a Freelance Graphic Illustrator to work remotely.

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