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Giraffes, hippos, lions, gorillas, rhinos and elephants are brightening up Northampton town centre. 
The sculpture parade is looking fantastic and attracting lots 
of attention; Taxi For Adam is proving a real hit with cartoon fans of a certain age and Lofty the giraffe is very much enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Sheep Street. There's such a wide variety of styles of designs that there is something for everyone's taste from James Thorpe’s uTroop, a gorilla who uses technology in exciting ways to Peter Viet-Lu’s Lonely Hearts Club, a giraffe seeking his soulmate. For more information about your favourite design go to 

Before you set off on your adventure check out the new map as some of the animals have moved from their original positions 

Spotlight on an artist

Starlight by Kate Harrison

Creating Starlight was a brilliant experience. I really enjoyed putting my design into practice, and working with new materials ensured that I learnt a lot along the way.  My design includes rope lighting, that intertwines through the elephant's body.  My inspiration came from using light within my own art practice, in my photography, paintings, and film installations. In my recent work I've been looking at nerves, so the lights in Starlight's body resemble nerve connections. Starlight's head takies inspiration from Indian elephant headresses and incorporates a star in silver enamel. 

For more information and images go to 

"The BID is delighted with the interest being shown in GoSafari.  As presenting partner we are thrilled to sponsor Kate's sculpture. Having such splendid displays on show while the Olympic Torch, Lionheart, Godiva Awakes and Northampton Music Festival events take place really helps to enhance the town and show it off at its best to our visitors.”

Stephen Chown, Chairman of Northampton Town Centre BID

Create your own safari!

To celebrate Go Safari taking to the streets of Northampton. The unique designs of Kristian Movahed's Shimmer, Rosalind Hargreaves' Fleur, Tracie Marshall's Precious Commodity and Janet Fishwick's Splodge are all available to buy in miniature form from our shop, with free p&p for a limited time only. 


In addition to these fabulous collectors items why not create your own piece of art with our Paint Your Own kits. Each kit comes with a non-firing bisque ceramic plus 5 acrylic paints and brush. So if the safari has inspired you there is no excuse to get cracking with your own wonderful creation. Do feel free to send us photos of your finished masterpiece- the best ones might even make it onto our gallery page.

Create your own safari!  Order now from the Wild in Art online shop at:

Innovative designs by Northamptonshire schools

As well as the large parade, visitors can also take part in a mini Safari around the streets.  The Grosvenor Centre and 78 Derngate are just two of the venues hosting a whole series of animal sculptures, including rhinos, hippos, gorillas and elephants

There are 47 mini sculptures in all. Some celebrate the exciting events of 2012 with Jubilee and Olympic themes, others sparkle with jewels, beads, glitter and feathers. You can find out where to spot all the mini animals in the school section of the Go Safari website.  Four animals decorated by pupils from Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School have been installed inside the building and gardens of 78 Derngate. School headteacher Jamie Nairn said:

“We want to push the arts in our school and one of the things that was nice about this was that we made sure all the children had some input into the designs."

Kingsthorpe School
Sculpture decorated by children from from Kingsthorpe Grove Primary School

Maps showing all the mini and large sculpture locations are available to download on

We’ve seen some fabulous photos from Go Safari visitors and we’d love to see more.  Please do post your photos to our Facebook page or our Twitter feed @gosafari
Go Safari Northampton this summer!
Go Safari Northampton