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It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. -- Rilke

Bonjour from the Pink Palace. It's a chilly spring day here in D.C. so I'm cozied up writing surrounded by fancy felines, lit peppermint candles (stocked up after the holidays), and stacks of books. Tonight we're off to see a Cinderella ballet at the Kennedy Center and I can't wait for the tutus, orchestra music, and romance! Spring is in the air.

I'm writing to share my seasonal love note filled with upcoming tranquility offerings, a sustainable pop-up shop, artistic play, sun salutation how-to, a do-gooding story, and savvy sources (including chez moi and le beau's cabin available for travelers). As my 20-hour/week social work internship and studies come to a close (6 weeks left!), I'm gearing up for some exciting shifts throughout the rest of the year. So . . . mark your calendars for a few juicy announcements coming your way on Sunday, April 14 during our bi-monthly Tranquility du Jour podcast

As we launch into this new season, I hope you're dreaming up new plans and projects, along with slowly pulling out of hibernation mode to transition to bloom mode. I'm ready to get my hands dirty planting impatiens on the patio, host a delightful group of ladies in West Virginia and Paris, go on a silent meditation retreat over my graduation weekend, and release the newest e-course, Mindfulness: Tranquility Within. Oh, and continue the ongoing paring down journey at home! Et toi?

I hope the new website offers tranquility and that you're enjoying the new format of the podcast where we take your questions once a month. Submit them to moi for future episodes. Also, look for an updated blog look shortly and more sensory surprises to follow. Change is also in the air. It's spring, after all.

Please join moi on the journey of tranquility through one of these offerings:

  1. E-courses = Three of my ecourses are ongoing so you can start anytime: Tranquilologie, Creative and Conscious Business, Tranquil Space Lifestyle, and Mindfulness: Tranquility Within (launching March 31). Details here
  2. Events in DC = Weekly yoga + meditation classes, TranquiliT Sustainable Pop-Up Shop, Tranquil Space Open House, and Tranquil Space Foundation Short Film Festival.
  3. Yoga + Art Retreats = Indulge in yoga, goal setting, meditation, and creative play in West Virginia or in Paris over Memorial Day. Details here.
  4. Seasonal Podcast = Join moi for a 1-hour seasonal podcast from the comfort of your own home with your journal, cup of tea, and pen in hand. Releases TONIGHT, March 25. Details here
  5. On the Road = Find tranquility in West Virginia, Paris, and Costa Rica. Details on these workshops and retreats.
  6. Mentoring = Work with moi to assist you with business development, creative expression, and/or helping to make spring shine. Details here
  7. Tranquility du Jour Daybook = Ooh la la, it's a pink planner, lifestyle organizer, and wellness guide all in one. Details hereSee how ladies around the globe are making them their own.
I hope to see you at one of the above gatherings or online. I wish you moments of deep breaths, belly laughs, and mindfulness this spring. You deserve it. Bisous.  

kimberly wilson

Bisous, Kimberly Wilson

Breakfast at TranquiliT

Join moi and a few like-hearted ladies for our semi-annual "Breakfast at TranquiliT: Sustainable Pop-Up Shop." Peruse scenes from our first pop-up shop last fall. I wanted to create an intimate boutique-like offering in the comfort of my tiny pink palace to celebrate our 11th year and, voila, a sustainable pop-up shop was born. You'll find a few of my one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces, lots of amazing vintage and reclaimed finds from my travels, and an assortment of our versatile locally sewn collection, TranquiliT, (including a special sale just for you). 

As always, a portion of our proceeds will benefit organizations that support the environment, animals, and women's creativity. 

Here's my formula for blooming into spring in case you, too, would like to indulge artistically:
  1. Set the stage. Grab a cuppa tea and colored markers, turn on inspiring tunes, and gather your journal. Head to a cafe or try this in the comfort of your home.
  2. Note 2013 highlights so far. Consider travel, experiences, outfits, good reads, love notes, gatherings, do-gooding, loss, gratitude, self-care, transitions, "aha" moments, etc.
  3. Grab magazines and pull out images that appeal. Secure them down into your journal as one large image (as shown bove) or as a collage of smaller images.
  4. Pen dreams for spring. Pull out a Sharpie, write about how you're feeling right now, and what you'd like to see transpire this season. Post your dreams into your planner as a reminder to encourage alignment with your daily experience.
  5. Add flair. Consider penning dreams onto notecards and inserting them into your planner or clip them to a clothespin and hang them from a ribbon next to your work space. For a gentle reminder on aligning actions and dreams, enjoy this post by The Minimalists on priorities

Sun Salutation

Roll out your yoga mat and get your OM on by following these 12 simple steps. Your body (and mind) will thank you.

  1. Ground yourself in mountain pose at the top of the mat and feel your feet planted firmly into the earth. Press into all four corners of your feet, reach the crown of your head toward the sky, and exhale your hands to prayer position in front of your heart.
  2. Inhale, reach your arms up over your head.
  3. Exhale, trace your midline into a forward fold.
  4. Inhale, step back with your right leg to a lunge. (Optional: come onto your fingertips to help lift your sternum, wiggle your right foot back so that the heel is directly over the ball of your foot, and gently rock forward and back opening your hips.
  5. Exhale, step back with your left leg to down dog (an inverted “V”) and press the floor away from you.
  6. Inhale, float forward to plank pose, line your shoulders over the wrists with your heels directly above the balls of the feet.
  7. Exhale, slide your shoulder blades down your back, slowly bend your arms, hug your elbows in toward your body, and drop knees, chest, and chin (alternate: keep your shoulders and hips in a straight line for chaturanga).
  8. Inhale, drop your belly, lift your heart center and slide into cobra, and relax your shoulders from your ears.
  9. Exhale, curl your toes under, lift your hips up and back to down dog.
  10. Inhale, step forward with your right foot, sink deeper into your lunge with your exhalation, gently rock forward and back.
  11. Exhale, step your left foot in between both hands to a forward fold.
  12. Inhale, trace your midline up and bring your hands together above your head. Exhale your hands to prayer in front of your heart. Stand in mountain pose. Rinse, repeat.

Saved Pigeon

Each week I share a Tranquilosophy muse on Tranquility du Jour. One recent post on efforts to save a pigeon felt like the perfect fit for our do-gooding section. This simple act is a great reminder that we have the opportunity to make a difference to another being each and every day. Choose wisely.

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