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"Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best." - Henry Van Dyke

I recently posted this quote on my Facebook wall and was amazed at the amount of people who resonated with it. Such a perfect reminder for us to continue putting ourselves out there, trying new things, and moving beyond our comfort zones.

Since finishing my summer semester of social work studies, I taught two chair yoga sessions for a Phillip's Collection evening focused on spirituality in art and rented a NYC apartment for a week of hitting flea markets, cafes, bookstores, the garment district, vintage shops, and organic eateries. Next stop was Orlando for Disney Institute where I learned about business excellence. Oh, and I took up embroidery lessons in between - loving this latest passion! I'm penning this while writing on a deck in the woods with Louis the pug snoring nearby. Ahhhh. It's back to school already next week. Le sigh. I love learning and although my few weeks off went oh-so-quickly, I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to explore new horizons . . . and to sing in the woods.

I hope you enjoy this latest addition of Tranquility du Jour's Museletter - you'll find a sneak peek at TranquiliT's fall collection and colours, artistic play inspiration, favorite yoga poses, do-gooding tips, and a newly added savvy sources based on Lizi's request. If you have any tips or love notes, please pass them along. J'adore hearing from you!

Below are a few upcoming adventures for indulging in tranquilologie and I look forward to connecting in spirit or in person:

1. E-courses = 4-week Tranquility Project e-course begins September 7 and outlines ways to live life fully, with tranquility, and a dash of flair. the four sessions focus on her favorite tranquility tools and are broken out into mind, body, soul, and a combo module. On September 15, my newest DIY Creative and Conscious Business launches. Details here.

2. Classes + Workshops in DC, Richmond, and San Francisco = Art journaling, weekly yoga + meditation classes, yoga + creativity, living your yoga, and an urban women's retreat. Details here.

3. Yoga + Creativity Retreats = Indulge in yoga, goal setting, meditation, and creative play at a cozy cabin in West Virginia. Details here.

4. Paris + Provence Art + Yoga Retreat = The journey begins with two decadent days spent exploring the City of Lights as your heart desires - tiptoeing through the Tuileries, browsing vintage shops and bookstores, walking along the Seine, indulging at a hamam (Turkish bath), window shopping along the Champs Élysées, visiting Mona Lisa at the Louvre or a favorite Monet at Musée d'Orsay, enjoying a macaron at Ladurée, or sipping a cup of café au lait at one of the countless sidewalk cafés. Each day in Provence will begin with a leisurely breakfast, sun salutations and a creative yoga flow, followed by led art journaling. Details here.


Above captures a few of the possible treasures to be added to TranquiliT this fall. At the moment, i'm  feeling a strong connection to all things ruffly, girly, vintage-inspired and tried to bring it forth in the collection. You'll notice ruffles added to shorts, pants, and sleeves along with my favorite . . . bloomers! The bloomers and ruched shorts will be darling for fall with wool tights or over the knee socks coupled with tall or wedge ankle boots.

TranquiliT is all about layers so the neck warmer adds a nice faux turtleneck touch to your favorite top. a few other samples on the horizon include over the knee socks with ruffles, stir-up leggings (hello 1980), and a 60s mod dress plus a few more surprises. stay tuned. And, of course, we'll still have all the staples such as wrap dresses, skirt pants, palazzo pants, 2in1s and more! I ook forward to your feedback. Let me know if there are pieces we *must* have from the above samples as not everything shown will be produced, so your feedback counts!

fall 11 colors
fall 11 colors 2


Lace seems to be everywhere at the moment and I can't get enough of it. I wear it to bed, out and about, as a coverup, and on my yoga mat. While browsing a thrift shop this past weekend, I picked up three gorgeous vintage lace curtains that I plan to turn into skirts or dresses. I'll be sure to post the what I turn these curtains into on my blog over the next few weeks. In the interim, here are some great tips from fellow artisans who transformed their lace tablecloths and curtains into masterpieces:

A lace skirt by Needle and Nest Design
A lace dress by The Vintage Ramble
A printed tablecloth dress by Craftykin
A circle skirt by Suite101

august 2011 sequence

1. Set your intention
2. Spend 5 minutes in seated meditation
3. Inhale, extend your arms overhead
4. Exhale, side bend to the right
5. Inhale, return to center
6. Exhale, side bend to the left
7. Inhale and exhale as you return to center
8. Inhale, bring soles of your feet together 16 inches from body
9. Exhale, melt into butterfly pose. Hold 1-5 minutes
10. Inhale, extend your arms overhead
11. Exhale, fold over your legs. Inhale, lengthen your spine.
12. Exhale, fold forward. Take 5-10 full breaths.
13. Release onto your back with soles of the feet together and arms overhead. Rest 1-5 minutes.
14. Inhale, hug right knee into chest. Exhale, twist. Hold 5-10 full breaths.
15. Inhale, huge left knee into chest. Exhale, twist. Hold 5-10 full breaths.
16. Final relaxation
17. Rest here for 5-15 minutes

10 simple ways to make a difference today:

1. Pick up litter
2. Plant a tree
3. Donate books to hospitals, libraries, schools, shelters
4. Read about people making a difference
5. Tweet about a favorite cause and bring it to someone's attention
6. Recycle
7. Donate pet food and love to animal shelters
8. Make space for others on public transit
9. Smile and say "thank you"
10. Shop at farmers markets
savvy sources
12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women by Gail McMeekin - I'm loving this at the moment and will be interviewing her next month!
Planner Pad- My favorite planner. Time to decorate a new one for 2012!
Pandora - I love, love, love tuning into the Carla Bruni station.
PETA app - This app allows you to be an activist on-the-go by simple clicks of a button.
Papaya's Book of Days - This is my current journal and writing in it makes me smile.
Amy's Single Serve Rice Crust Margherita Pizza - I could live on these . . . and sometimes do!
Numi Jasmine Green Tea - I start my each day by sipping this yumminess.
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