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Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that,
the sooner we will be able to treat life as art.

Maya Angelou 

Bonjour from Portland. I returned to the States last Sunday, immersed myself in long back-to-reality days in DC, and then headed to Portland for a summit. Next on the list is launching Tranquilista Lifestyle E-course, hosting the Seasonal Summer Podcast and Tranquility Summer Camp, two animal rights conferences, releasing our 250th podcast episode, time in Oklahoma with family, jaunt to Vegas to see dear girlfriend and teach, followed by a week at Le Beau's cabin in West Virginia before back to school. This summer has been such a whirlwind of experiences that I'm typically a few weeks behind in the processing of it all. I'm doing my best to share inspiration as it hits on my blog, Tranquility du Jour

Along this new no routine journey, I've learned a few lessons that I'd love to share. These are small tips of tranquility that will apply to each of you in or out of transition.

1. Pack lightly. Life is a journey and it's best to make sure the right people are on the bus (as Jim Collins likes to say). Schlepping around my world in a suitcase and two totes for six weeks, I've learned that one less pair of shoes and one less top *does* make a difference in the long run. This goes for literally packing and figuratively packing. What we pack into our lives, schedules, bodies, and suitcases can be simplified on so many levels. Consider joining us by reading this month's online book club choice, The Joy of Less.

2. Always carry pen and paper. Inspiration strikes when we least expect it. Ideas come and go. Capture them by always having what I like to call an "idea book" at the ready. I'll capture design ideas, decor inspiration, books to read, quotes, color schemes, and conference notes in my trusty little book and carry it everywhere I go. Oh, and colorful pens help!

3. Tote your must-haves. I like to travel internationally and locally with a few favorite things: my water bottle, tea thermos, earplugs, idea book, pen, lipstick, scarf or throw, and nuts or something equally lovely to combat low blood sugar. Keep your comfort creatures nearby to serve as a soothing balm for daily needs.

4. Smile. This always comes in handy and never fails whether approaching a market vendor in a foreign country, an online pal you're meeting for the first time in person, or a stranger on the street. Show off your pearly whites and make a difference in someone's day.

5. Have camera in hand. Capture life as you see it. I plan to sign up for a photography class soon as I want to deepen my skill set (Pops did have a darkroom in my childhood home, after all) and take prettier pictures. Snap a blooming bush on your way to work, a colorful lunch salad, hung laundry waving in the wind, or toes on a yoga mat. Memorialize life's little moments.

I hope that your summer is filled with beauty, reflection, and time to savor simple moments. Thank you for joining me on this journey called life. 


parisian outfits

This summer I spent six weeks in France living out of a suitcase with a few favorite vintage pieces plus TranquiliT staples. Last week I showcased shots from my journey coupled with pics from my packing jaunt. As you prepare for summer adventures, consider favorite go-tos that you can layer, mix and match, and feel super comfy wearing - especially when it comes to shoes. I hope my list helps you stay tranquil during upcoming travels!

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