May NEAFP Note - Branding Survey & West Coast Collections
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Short and Sweet

Everyone's getting busy with shearing season underway so May's NEAFP Note is going to be as short & sweet as we can possibly make it. We're packing up the truck & trailer to head to the PAOBA Breeders Showcase but before we depart we wanted to make two major announcements.

Today we are launching our first Alpaca Farm Survey focused on Branding & Marketing and would greatly appreciate it if everyone could take a moment to fill that out. It's only 17 questions and should take 3 to 4 minutes to complete.

Alpaca farms are on the ground level, educating their communities on alpaca and the products they produce & we're looking for your vital input to help guide future branding & marketing decisions.

We are also really excited to announce the opening of two new West Coast Regional Collection Points.

New Regional
Collection Points

Lone Tree Alpacas

Jack & Jackie Bruner will be running a NEAFP Fiber Collection from now until August 15th, 2015. Area farms should plan to utilize this collection point to get their fiber to NEAFP for FREE!
For a complete rundown on this collection and everything needed to participate, CLICK HERE!


Mountain Jewel FARM

Cindy & Mitch Whitlock will be running a NEAFP Fiber Collection from now until September 12th, 2015 so contact them to schedule a drop off date and get your fiber submission on the truck!
Learn how to successfully get your fiber to this collection point & schedule a drop off date by clicking here.

Head to our Regional Collection Point section for a complete list of available fiber drop off locations including: New York, Virginia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Oregon, & Washington.

Become a Collection Point

NEAFP is actively looking for more farms to become Regional Collection Points! We cover the shipping costs for collections with over 500 lbs so it's a great way for you to get your fiber to us for free while helping neighboring farms put their fiber to work. For all the benefits and qualifications needed to start collecting fiber, click the button below:
Learn More!
How to Start Mailing Fiber into the Fiber Bank
NEAFP Video: How to Start Mailing
Fiber into the Fiber Bank
Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we will be releasing instructional & information videos on all things alpaca and NEAFP related!
In May's NEAFP Note:
  1. Branding Survey
  2. New Regional Collection Points
  3. Become a Regional Collection Point
  4. Video on Mailing Fiber into the FiberBank
  5. Upcoming Collections @ Alpaca Shows
  6. NEAFP News

Alpaca Shows

PAOBA Breeder's Showcase
York, PA
May 9th & 10th

*AOA National Fleece Show
& Conference
Denver, CO
June 27th & 28th

*Fiber "U"*
Lebanon, MO
July 18th & 19th

*Fiber should be boxed for the Fiber U & AOA Fleece Show collections*

Have a show you'd like to see us attend?

Recommend it here!
For a complete run down on each of these events and how to participate in getting your fiber to us at one of these shows head to our Fiber Collection section.

NEAFP News around the Mill

  • North American Alpaca Show's fiber has been sorted through and checked into everyone's account.
  • Our sorter's are currently working through MAPACA's fiber so expect account updates in the near future!
  • Our Basket weave Infinity Scarf using a Suri blend yarn is now available in Rose Grey as well as the original Light Fawn color!
  • Payments for our 2015 Fiber Purchasing Program continue to be mailed out to farms every week! The program is open and actively accepting fiber submissions.
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