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Dear friends and colleagues:

As we all face the common goal of adapting to the COVID-19 challenge, San Francisco Estuary Institute staff are continuing to provide science to help ensure clean water, manage our environment, and create climate adaptation options for our Bay and Delta region.

While we continue this work, we are thinking of the larger community, our families, friends, and colleagues. We hope you are faring well in these uncharted times. We’re humbly in awe of the courage of medical staff and other first responders. We’re also grateful for all who keep food on our grocery shelves and maintain our community’s essential services. We feel for the families facing additional challenges from childcare, eldercare, or loss of income. We know that our region’s social and economic equity has just taken another body blow.

As sheltering in place evolves, we want to share a tool SFEI developed that may be useful to you. This online tool “Care in the Time of Corona,” enables our staff to take care of one another, to be ready in case anyone falls sick or needs extra help. It allows staff voluntarily to identify their proximity to each other, and sign up to provide or request errands like shopping, home repairs, and pet care. This resource explains the tool and how to freely replicate it for use by any of your communities (e.g., work, school, organization, or faith group).

Care in the Time of Corona

Through this challenge, SFEI is committed to sustaining our service to partners and those who rely on us for independent science. To do that, we’ve taken the following steps:

  • We shifted to working from home a week before Bay Area leaders required it.
  • We’ve learned how to conduct large, complex, and interactive meetings online, so we can continue to strengthen our products with feedback from our partners.
  • We have been reaching out to project partners to address timing and priorities, given the new reality.

Our response to this crisis is to confront isolation with collaboration and innovation.

We’re committed to keeping our team tight-knit, building new relationships, doing rigorous science, and providing reliable information. As always, we’re grateful for your support and partnership.


Warner Chabot
Executive Director, San Francisco Estuary Institute

How SFEI Serves

We develop strategies and provide reliable science to protect the integrity of our natural systems, and build resilient waterways, communities, and urban and rural landscapes. We help our region's leaders adapt to environmental and climate change by providing them with science-based options and multi-benefit solutions, based on our knowledge of how ecosystems functioned in the past, and how they could again.
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