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he two ends of the collapsed embankment near Bedlang village
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Assam faces worst ever floods in 10 years - A video interview with Dr Partha Das, Aaranyak

In June 2012, Assam faced its worst ever floods in the last 10 years. 125 people, including 75 children, died in the aftermath of the floods and landslides. A total of 23 lakh people across Assam in 11 districts, covering an area of 1 million hectares of land were severely affected.

This article provides a brief background of the situation, through a video interview with Dr. Partha J Das, Programme Head, ‘Water, Climate & Hazard (WATCH)’ Programme, Aaranyak.

Dr. Das talks about the impact of the floods in Assam, details some man-made reasons that caused this devastation, and suggests that perhaps we should try and accept the reality of floods in this region, and "live" with the Brahmaputra, rather than try to control it.
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