An update from the Workplace Reduction of Alcohol Harm Project


We'd appreciate any feedback on any aspect of this project, especially in relation to the complex task of implementing our intervention with a diverse population.

Please email us if you have any comments that will help the project run as smoothly as possible.

Intervention Update

The WRAHP Project team have been very busy in the first half of 2014 implementing the intervention with our two implementation sites at Corex Plastics and Hilton Manufacturing. 

The implementation has been tailored to match the needs of each site. 

After undertaking a comprehensive gap analysis for each site, we mapped out a series of steps that have informed a tailored workplace 'intervention' at each location (Figure 1).
All sites had requirements for policy development, referral pathways to local area health services and alcohol, worker health, safety and wellbeing awareness programs.
We have finalised the development and dissemination of revised policies and procedures (Step 1) and in consultation with the workplaces implemented alcohol awareness initiatives (Step 2) as well as completed a two session training package for supervisors, team leaders and managers at each site (Step 3).
We have identified potential referral pathways and developed local area resource guides (Step 4).
We are about to commence a 12-month worker health, safety and wellbeing awareness program (Step 5).

Figure 1: Steps of intervention



Please email us with any comments.

Delivering the alcohol and drug policy training

We have worked with our sites to develop a policy package, which includes three different policies and supporting processes including :-
  • Alcohol and drug policy
  • A referral assistance policy
  • A guideline on the use and management of alcohol at functions policy
  • Summary of alcohol and drug policy into seven languages for workers on the factory floor
  • Summary of policy principles into a poster format for display on factory floor
  • We have completed alcohol and drug policy training with team leaders, supervisors and managers
  • We have disseminate the policy and delivered information sessions to workers on the factory floor

Policy poster at Corex


Toolbox topics

In consultation with our sites we have developed 12 toolbox topics (and accompanying handouts) that will be delivered by the supervisors and team leaders, once a month over the next 12 months.

Each topic has been chosen based on the results of the gap analysis conducted in 2012.

We also collaborated with the team leaders and supervisors during the policy consultation process to ensure that they were comfortable with the content and delivery of these toolbox topics.

Using a framework from an established workplace process, in a language that is familiar to industry ensures that the uptake of this intervention will be sustainable and integrated within the workplace beyond the completion of the project.

We have included the following topics to meet the needs of our participating sites.
  • What are toolbox talks?
  • Effects of alcohol
  • Effects of medicines
  • Fatigue at work
  • Understanding anxiety
  • Understanding depression
  • Effect of cannabis
  • Effect of stimulants
  • Smoking
  • Stress at work
  • Healthy eating at work
  • How to get help?

Toolbox Topic Alcohol

The sites

We have now commenced the intervention with Jayco as part of the wait list control design of our study. 

Corex Plastics (intervention) is a plastics manufacturing workplace in Dandenong. It comprises two areas: ‘fabrication’ and ‘production’ with some office based support. It has more than 120 staff.

Hilton Manufacturing (intervention) is a sheet metal fabrication business which commenced operations in 1976. Hilton operates from a modern factory located in South Eastern Melbourne. It is an Australian owned business and employs 220 staff nationally.

Hilton Manufacturing Queensland (comparison) is located in Brisbane. The smaller satellite operation provides employment for 40 staff and is dedicated to servicing local business and supporting the Victorian operations.

Jayco Manufacturing (intervention) is a recreational vehicle manufacturer in Dandenong. There are four areas within the factory with more than 800 staff. 
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