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Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2011 Gill Instruments Newsletter
Here you'll find the latest meteorological product news from Gill Instruments – a leading global supplier of ultrasonic anemometers and weather monitoring systems.

MetPak Pro Weather StationNew Weather Station

We are pleased to announce the launch of the MetPak Pro weather station, a multi-sensor instrument that monitors the most essential weather parameters, with the capability to connect up to four additional external measurement devices.

View the MetPak Pro Weather Station

WindSonic Ultrasonic Wind SensorLow Power Wind Sensor

The popular WindSonic 2-axis ultrasonic wind sensor has been updated, now with a low power (<2mA) SDI-12 output. New features include a vector or scalar rolling average feature providing 1 minute average/maximum speed with associated direction.

View the Ultrasonic WindSonic Sensor
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