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Discover our MetPak Pro Weather Station at Meteorological Technology World Expo

We'll be at the Meteorological Technology World Expo!
Gill Instruments will have a display of Meteorological instruments at this event such as the MetPak Pro, which is featured in this newsletter.

MetPak Pro Diagram

See our MetPak Pro at the Exhibition

MetPak Pro is a professional weather station, capable of monitoring the most essential weather parameters with the additional ability to connect up to 4 customer supplied external sensors.

We offer inputs for up to 4 sensors, so the user has the option to plug in many different types of sensors (see the above examples).

Display software

MetView is supplied free of charge with the MetPak Pro, offering a clear, intuitive display of the current weather conditions.

MetPak Pro Software

Configuration software

MetSet is a free software package that allows the user to configure the output and display data provided by the MetPak Pro.

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Gill Instruments at Booth 2010 Exhibition Details

Gill Instruments will be at booth number 2010

Dates of show: 18-20 October 2011
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Booth Number: 2010

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