We need your help. Vote for us to win a small business grant.

We Need Your Vote

A Special Message From The Smart Baker, LLC.

Help Support The Smart Baker

We here at The Smart Baker have submitted our application for a Small Business Grant that is being offered by Chase Bank and LivingSocial. With your vote, you will be helping us get that much closer to be chosen as 1 of 12 small business to receive a $250,000 grant. Not only will this grant help support The Smart Baker, but this grant will allow The Smart Baker to support our local community. We strive to give back as often as we can to a variety of local charities and organization, but we can only do so if we can sustain our own growth. Winning a grant like this will ensure we have the ability to continue to develop and release new products, but also provide us with the opportunity to support more great causes.

Giving back is only a part of our growth plans. We strongly believe that innovation and creativity is essential to creating great, new, problem solving products. A large portion of this grant will be set aside for a special fund that will be used to help bring your idea or product to market. We will take our product development experience, our manufacturing connections, and sales channels to help launch product(s) or ideas that are submitted by you. And this can all be funded with this grant. 

How You Can Help...

1.) Visit: https://www.missionsmallbusiness.com
2.) Click the LOG IN & SUPPORT button. By doing so, and linking with your facebook account, you'll be adding $5 to the fund.
3.) Enter "The Smart Baker" in the Business Name search field & click Search.
4.) Cast your vote!

It's that simple and we truly appreciate your support!

The Smart Baker Team
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