18th JULY 2013

TODAY marks the 4th annual World Listening Day, an event established by The World Listening Project. The date was selected in homage to Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, whose birthday is on the 18th July and this year celebrates his 80th birthday. Shafer is one of the founders of the Acoustic Ecology movement and he founded the World Soundscape Project in 1971. The culmination of the World Soundscape Project’s pioneering research into the sound environment is described in Shafer's seminal book, 'The Tuning of the World' (1977), which defined many new terms and concepts in sound / ecology that are popularly used to this day.

To celebrate this important international event and the acoustic ecology of The Wired Lab (TWL) site, we lovingly gift our faithful followers and listeners with a FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD from our SoundCloud page.

This five minute mix of field recordings documents the acoustic ecology of critically endangered Box Gum Grassy Woodlands (BGGW) which are endemic to TWL site. The mix by TWL member David Burraston demonstrates the creative possibilities of engaging with our acoustic ecology.  Featuring a range of field recordings by Burraston and previous TWL artist-in-residence Chris Watson (UK + utter LEGEND of the field recording / arts of sound realm), the mix features TWL's BGGW habitat and our 'wire' instruments. ENJOY!


Image: TWL looking towards Mount Kosciusko, October 2011. Courtesy of Sofie Muceniekas
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