The latest news from Growing Up in Scotland (GUS), the longitudinal research study following the lives of thousands of children and their families from birth through to the teenage years.  

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GUS News April 2013

New findings published

A new report 'Birth Cohort 2 - results from the first year' was launched at our Annual Conference in Glasgow on 19 February 2013. The report provides a detailed insight into the lives of babies and their families in Scotland.

Four Research Summaries are also available:
Parenting a 10-month-old child: attitudes, feelings, domestic organisation and activities
Patterns of childcare use amongst families with 10-month-old children
Infant feeding: Breastfeeding and weaning amongst mothers in Scotland
Key Early Years indicators on pregnancy and birth
Audio recordings and presentation slides from the Annual Annual Conference are available.
Read our Newsletter for GUS families here.  

Birth Cohort 1 - Sweep 7
Over the past year, our interviewers have been visiting the families in our first Birth Cohort when the children are aged just under 8 years old. For the first time, we are asking the children themselves to answer some questions about school, home and family life, friends, wellbeing and materialism. the results from this round of data collection will be published in May 2014. Families will be visited again when the children are in Primary 6, but they will be asked to take part in a short telephone or on-line interview before this, when the children are in Primary 5.

Birth Cohort 2 - our new recruits

Our new Birth Cohort comprises over 6,000 children who were born between March 2010 and February 2011. Families will be visited shortly before their child's third birthday and again just before their child's fifth birthday. The children will be asked to complete some exercises that will help researchers to look at language and problem solving skills. This information will help us to find out whether new policies and services are having an impact on child development. 

Thrive at Five
Save the Children Scotland have published a report using GUS data to look at the development of children from different socio-economic backgrounds when they start primary school: 'Thrive at Five - comparative child development at school-entry age' 

GUS and teenage pregnancy
Our lead Researcher, Paul Bradshaw, recently gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament Health & Sport Committee's Inquiry into Teenage Pregnancy. Read the report here

Is there something special about family meals?
New Briefing from Dr Valeria Skafida at CRFR who uses GUS data to explore how family meal habits relate to young children's diets.

Are you hosting a local event?
We are very keen that the findings from GUS reach a wide range of audiences across Scotland. If you are running a local event and would like someone to come along to talk about GUS or to exhibit our research findings please contact

GUS Data
The data from Birth Cohort Sweep 6 and Birth Cohort 2 Sweep 1 will be available soon from the UK Data Archive. Data Workshops will be held towards the end of this year.

Are you using GUS findings or data? Please let us know
It is very important for us to demonstrate that people are using GUS findings to inform their work. If you have used the findings in any way - for example, in support of policy or practice, or if you have analysed the data, please let us know by e-mailing


Upcoming Events

Child's Curriculum II
From ideas to action
20 April, Edinburgh

A safer childhood, a brighter future
NSPCC Conference
24-25 April, Glasgow

Eat, Move and Thrive
Children in Scotland Health & Wellbeing conf
14 May, Edinburgh

Children's Mental Health
14 May, Glasgow

National Early Years Conference
NHS Health Scotland
19 June, Glasgow

In the footsteps of Mary Lily Walker
100 years of Scotland's Early Years movement
29 June, Dundee

Children and Young People Bill (Scotland)
The Bill was introduced on 17 April 2013

UNICEF Report Card 11
Child wellbeing in rich countries

This is where is starts
A new collection of Early Years Case Studies from IRISS

Conception to age 2 - the age of opportunity
New report from the WAVE Trust

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